We are embarking on a series about Devil Worship in the church.One aspect of this devil worship is Freemasonry.Freemasonry on the face of it may look honest and kind but as long as it does not recognize Jesus Christ as THE Lord, it is part of Satan’ s web of deceit .

One way Freemasonry captured churches was through so called church buildings. As you know, a mason is a builder and once churches got into the business of building shrines and temples , they needed masons to do their part of building.

And did you know he who builds owns the land and he who owns the land owns the building? BY this I mean , a colonizer occupies territory by building a structure.They may go away or sell the building but the buidling establishes their mark of power.

In African culture , you are not a man of worth until you have built your own house . When the Europeans colonized Africa and Asia they had to build buildings as symbols of conquest and ownership.This is why Britain had more stake in Kenya a therefore built more buildings in Kenya than in Tanzania which had more German buildings.

Thus in Modern Christianity buildings are sign of prestige and conquest .Yet many Africa do not know the owner of the buildings .

Rome owns all the Catholic church buildings in Africa, Scotland(therefore England ) owns all the Presbyterian churches in Africa…why? Though the churches have African clergy, they use the name of these denominations therefore are slaves to these denominations.

So Freemasons got to build many churches and therefore got to own churches.The first church we will look at is an Evangelical Church called African Inland Mission, well known in Kenya as African Inland Church.


It was established in 1895 just when Africa was in the mix of the scramble of Africa.Peter Cameron Scott was the founder and had spent his time in Africa, particularly Congo before venturing to other areas.Scoot was an American of Scottish origin, hence the denomination is American.

They set up base in Kenya in the Rift Valley and Kamba land. Our previous article on this issue shows why many Kambas and Kalenjins attend this church, AIC ,it was due to the way locals were herded into one group and each group had a Western denomination assigned to it.

Till today they are present in Rift Valley through schools ,hospitals and many splinter denominations .The famous school called Rift Valley is an American Enclave, therefore the CIA can use it for its purposes.Sad but true.


Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th President of America born form wealthy family, he was a leader of the Republican Party .He was a man of varied interests ranging from Naval warfare to Hunting.

It is his hunting that brought him to Africa, Kenya and Congo and Sudan.Having come during his presidency in 1909 , he saw the vast rich areas of Africa and was most enthralled by Congo.

During his 1909 visit he came and join with the AIM missionaries who at that time were having a wedding of one of their leaders.Being the President of America, the AIM missionaries were his subjects and they reverenced him.


CHURCHES IN UNION WITH FREEMASONS... THe AIM/ AIC at a church function with President Theodore Roosevelt in 1909 in KIjabe ,Kenya, a known Freemason.He can be seen sporting a hunting cap , in the miidle of the crowd.

Yet Theodore Roosevelt was made a Freemason in 1901 in New York.How could a church embrace a Freemason in their fellowship .They did not mind commit adultery with the State let alone an Idolater.

Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Was_Theodore_Roosevelt_a_free_mason#ixzz1BfIJie5r

Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President, made a Mason January 2, 1901, in Matinecock Lodge No. 806, F. & A.M., Oyster Bay, New York.

Brother Theodore Roosevelt, MASONIC RECORD Initiated: January 2, 1901, Matinecock Lodge No. 806, Oyster Bay, New York. Brother and President Roosevelt http://www.pagrandlodge.org/mlam/presidents/troosevelt.html


So serious was this spiritual adultery that Theodore Roosevelt pulled some strings to have the AIC Church in Rich Congo ? Why ? BY setting up a church in Congo , it would be very easy to rip out the riches of Congo ranging from Gold to precious stones and timber.

How did the church set up in Congo? President Roosevelt had to pull some strings and convince the King of Belgium to allow the AIM room in Congo.

Is it not the Holy Spirit who should lead you where to go and yes, the Lord has told us to go everywhere but why was it these missions were only led to green, mineral rich areas..for example they ignored semi arid areas in Kenya but run to Congo.The richer an area, the more the churches and denominations.

This was the illness of church missions in Africa.They were spies for their home governments that were used them to capture the locals and their land.Their missions were offices for the American companies that came for mining and not to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.


This error of Church married to State like the AIC married to Roosevelt, was carried over by former President Moi , who is an ardent AIC attendant and during his reign uplifted the AIC by giving them land to set up more schools and universities and other facilities.

Not only that, it encouraged more American Denominations to set up shop in Kenya, where Kenya hosts the biggest number of American Denominations thanks to the AIC president.

Many of the universities and schools named after Moi are spiritually run by these denominations.Thus Moi and American Denominations are in a business partnership and collaboration, owning the land and property on which they are built.

Denominations means Domination by Abroad Politics.

For those who live in Nairobi, you now very well that there is an AIC Church situated on the same grounds as the Freemasonry Hall.



First we have seen that Freemasons( and many American Presidents were Freemasons) do attend churches , and order what the churches should do. just like Roosevelt ordered the AIC where too and former President Moi also silently controls the AIC.

Secondly , you cannot profess to be an Idolater and still profess Jesus Christ.This is what Freemasons do but it is a lie, it is actually a trick to control the churches and finish anyone in the Church who really wants to stand for the true faith of Jesus Christ.

Thirdly, the way many churches are build ,kind of resemble pagan temples and pyramids,which were places of death and fertility rites.Since many of these churches do not uphold Jesus Christ, it is very easy for Freemasons to not only attend them but use them for their own good…destroy the faith in Jesus Christ.


So in conclusion, the AIC is not only an American Enclave of Domination, it is married to Freemasons through its foundation with Roosevelt the Freemason who funded and helped the church expand in Africa.

They may have started well to share the gospel, but like a desperate prostitute they gave in to the kingdom of the world because of the riches and glory it provided them.


Arthur Owiti