With a lot of information spilling the web on the Iluminati and Freemasons, many are keen to just know who is controlling this world.Unfortunately, such information is not helpful for a racist .

One should understand that just because Freemasons allude to Solomon’s Temple ,with the measurements and pillars mentioned in the book of Kings in the Bible,does not make it a Jewish Agenda.
First of all, Jesus made it clear what is Jewish : Salvation

John 4:22 Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews.

This is because Israel is the only nation that God called out of all the other nations and manifested himself through the line of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob, the patriarchs of the Jewish nation.In fact, the nation of Israel,the twelve tribes of Israel, annexed a mixture of Jew and Egyptian the tribes of Mannasses and Ephraim ,children of Joseph and his Egyptian wife Asenath, as Israelites.
This inclusion is a shadow of the inclusion of believing Gentiles to the family of God surnamed ,Israel through Jesus Christ death and resurrection.

Thus those who try and connect Jews with other pagan rituals like Kabbala ,need to know that those practices are not Jewish but Pagan /Idolatrous/Devil Worship even if it was witchcraft started by a Jew and is filled with tons of Hebrew sounding words.

That is why we do not call Christmas or Easter or Sunday , a Catholic or Christian holiday even though the Catholic church keeps it and other Christian Denominations; we call them the Devil’s holidays because those days were set apart to worship devils and God’s word did not sanction them as holy days and calls us not to partake in devil worship.

So Freemasonry,even from its name is a free group of builders who freely adopt and adapt many if not all religious practices and language in the rites and rituals.Freemasons are very tolerant when it comes to religion ,making them Ecumenical.

That Tolerance Spirit is enough to tell you that Freemasonry is against God because it declares there are many truths not THE Truth, Jesus Christ

One fellow Christian brother put it well, that Freemasons are Protestant or Non-Catholic Jesuits.Therefore they are being tutored by the Jesuits.

For example, some think Freemasonry opposed Western Christianity,when under the York Rite they make room for so called “Christians Masons”.It is this group that infiltrates Churches and Ministries.

For example Rick Joyner and Mahesh Chavda,tongue speaking,signs and wonders, Evangelical and Charismatic preachers are knights of Malta, while there are numerous Christian preachers who are under Knights of Red Cross .Yes they are drinking from the cup of devils and God will judge them.As for believers we are to withdraw from such leaders.

Freemasonry can be summed up as :

They espouse that there are many ways to get truth, Judaism believes only in YHWH

They trace their mythological beliefs to Egypt and the Tower of Babel which they believe influenced philosophy and architecture of other great civilizations, for example they say that the cross is a universal symbol drawn from the Egyptian ankh which existed before Jesus death and resurrection

They call their meeting places Lodges and Halls similar to Jehovah’s Witnesses

They have Patron Saints and in ancient times they met in cathedrals where the patron saints had their stained glass windows.Judaism does not ascribe to the Saints.

They have symbols and marks that are a mirror of the hieroglyphics which were more of pictorial symbols and not language symbols like Hebrew.

They marry all sorts of rituals from many religions,not only Kabbala.This makes them Pantheistic and not Jewish.

So if they are not Jewish, why do they desire Israel and Jerusalem in particular?
Simple, Satan desires Jerusalem because it is the city and hence earthly throne of God through Jesus Christ the King of the Jews.

Not only Freemasons, but Roman Catholics, Muslims, Protestants , all want Jerusalem…does that make them Jewish? No .

But it reveals that all these groups that want Jerusalem for their own prestige are all driven by Satan’s Antichrist spirit because Satan wants to steal Jerusalem from the Lord.

Thus just because the Rothschild family owns most of the world or there are Sabbatean Jews in many NWO organizations DOES NOT MAKE THE NWO JEWISH.These are idnividuals who do not belive that God is God let alone that Jesus Christ is the King of the Jews .

Money and Power is what is inspiring the NWO not the Holy Scriptures.Yet when people say it is Jews they will be prone to hate the Bible because it was written by Jewish men inspired by God.

Moreover these institutions also have Gentiles so it is just a World Agenda inspired by Satan who has deceived both some Jews and some Gentiles.

Yet Jesus Christ will come Save all Israel… the natural branches,Jews, that will call on him and the wild branches that would have believed on him, Gentiles.

Arthur Owiti