The Mass Media is powerful producing both negative and positive results . Al Jazeera ‘s powerful show of might through the Tunisia video footage is slowly sparking a revolution in the Arab world.WE call this Mass Peer Pressure.

However, a look at how the world has been running its course since the Great Recession and one is not surprised at the upheavals that seem to be bedeviling the whole world at the same time. Why ? Because the world has the same issues of mismanagement and injustice and foreign n and imperial manipulation ..A look at the recent events since December shows the world is in a sick state.

The World(vehicle) got a slow puncture during the North Korea and South Korea conflict. Now conflicts are popping up in the name of anti-government protest in the Arab world..too many too handle..yes.These are curtain raisers for the coming World War 3.

IT is interesting to note that just in one month Tunisia , Egypt and Algeria, all predominantly Muslim have been on a rampage.Lebanon has joined the cub with Hizbullah seeking takeover from Haariri.

Hizbullah is setting the War Cabinet as one can recall Ahmadenijad made a visit there three months ago to show solidarity.

Many Lebanese and Sunni Muslims are not pleased at what is happening but they should know that this is being put in place to make war more viable.

I smell a rat when I see American client states like Tunisia and Egypt fall into chaos.Truly, there is an American hand in it as we should know that richer you are the more nosy you be come.America has tried to be omnipresent everywhere and it will not work.Their plans over the local populace are in friction.

Besides , America’s economy war progress is basically on a wing and prayer thus its prancing up and down is almost the horse trying to kick hardest before it bows out of the battle.

The question is everyone is asking does Tunisia and Egypt’s and Algeria’s upheavals stand a chance of being contagious in sub Saharan Africa ? Only time will tell.

As far as one can see the Mass Peer Pressure has been well fueled by the Mass Media showing how common the problems of the world are .War is contagious in this wicked world.

Arthur Owiti