GOD IS THE ONLY HOLY FATHER, NOT THE POPE..is is blasphemous to call him so , but the majority do.

By Arthur Owiti

That is right . Israel ‘s woes ARE  MAINLY ABOUT RELIGION WHICH CLEVERLY TIES INTO POLITICS AND ECONOMICS.For those who do not know, the Vatican has been seeking Jerusalem since the Crusades.WHY?

1.It Validates their Church Doctrine.
The Vatican Roman Catholic Church believes that Jesus is reigning in heaven and the Pope is reigning on earth for him.Thus they believe we are under the 1000 year reign of Jesus and that the next eschatology event is a New Heaven and new earth.

Now since Jesus is ruling in Jerusalem above, his representative the Pope should rule in Jerusalem below.This why the Crusaders fought for Jerusalem yesterday and are gaining it through false peace accords today.

That is why the Oslo Accords was the grand deal of giving Jerusalem over as an International city with the holy sites under the Ecumenical domain, which is basically Roman Catholic leadership.

THANK YOU... Tour of the Holy Land 2009 Pope Benedict xvi greets President Shimon Peres who "sold" the holy sites to the Vatican through the Oslo Accords of 1993. courtesy http://myamazingfact.blogspot.com/2009/05/popes-pilgrimage.html

So priceless is the Vatican’s Eschatology that every famous Evangelical Prophecy teacher is always tempted and blackmailed to tone down on abusing the Vatican Church or connecting it to the evil side of Biblical End times teaching.

Jack van Impe… he started out telling Christians to await the Antichrist Roman Catholic church rise in the world.What happened when the followers became global? He toned down on hitting the Vatican and now teaches a strange end time teaching that the world will never end and that Ecumenism is the way…an Evangelical turned Ecumenical.


John Hagee..started out with clear evidence of how the Roman Catholic Church is a Mother of harlots with her false doctrines and history of Jew hate.


What happened when he stepped into the limelight of secular America by supporting John McCain’s candidacy? He apologized for all his teachings that seemed to attack Rome and calls himself Pro-Catholic.Evangelical turned Ecumenical without a whimper.



The list of End time Evangelical teachers turning Ecumenical is alarming as Perry Stone swallows the whole Ecumenical Burger in one gallop by stating that all faiths will dissolve to unite.


That can happen to other denominations which do not have firm dogma BUT the Roman Catholic Church because it is the most organized church when it comes to doctrine and dogma, even when they are false doctrines.

Thus Ecumenism serves Rome and Rome has conquered yet again.Old is Gold.


Having these titles allows the Pope ample freedom to interfere and intervene into the affairs of any State.When he speaks, a Statesman is speaking.This is a very unique position and he shares it only with the King or Queen of England.

His last trip to Israel was one marked with firm calls of a Two State solution and the destruction of Israel’s Berlin wall.

He categorically stated” Bring down that wall”. Next visit he would have already broken down the spiritual walls in religions as he officially declares One world religion of peace and tolerance.


Though some people like Perry Stone teach that the Tree of Life of the Garden of Eden cold have been on the Temple Mount, Jerusalem is God’s holy earthly city.

I mean if it was not the Muslims would have not until the Dome of the Rock there, they would have tried some place else where God was known to be worshiped.

But because Mohamed knew that Jerusalem was the city of God, his religion built a shrine there.Besides Islam started praying facing Jerusalem until Jews were reluctant to turn to Islam hence out of anger Mohamed rejected Jerusalem, but he knew that was the city of God of the Hebrews.However now his religion Islam is anti-jewish and Antichrist.

JERUSALEM..COVETED BY ALL RELIGIONS YET BELONGS TO JESUS CHRIST, THE KING OF THE JEWS...(remember that covetous people steal)The Pope at the Western Wall next to Islam's Dome of the Rock during his 2009 Holy Land Tour

So strong was the rejection, Jerusalem is almost insignificant in the Koran compare to the Bible.Yet this rejection led to the cementing of Jew hate in Islam.

Hence the Palestinian conflict with Israel all based on religious feuds that aid for economic exploitation and political domination.

AS one watches Israel and Jerusalem, one should not forget that Satan wants Jerusalem because it is the place of King Jesus authority and Satan is a thief ,taking what is not his.

Arthur Owiti