Egypt is beginning to erupt thanks to the Tunisian Revolution.IN fact, Egypt’s case is way overdue but the only reason why it does not get explosive is because Egypt is an American client state and strategic to the NWO.


Egypt is so strategic that Presidents have been toppled and assassinated for the sake of the Global Elite.Again this current conflict is USA v Russia Cold War that will lead to the short war of World War 3.

The fact that President Mubarak has survived all these years is because the Global Elite are not threatened by his tenure and that everything is going as planed through his rule.

It is interesting to note that most African Mu-s stay in power for long like Mu-gabe, Mu-seveni, Mo-i Mu- barak Mu-mmar Gadafi.At the same time they seem to play key roles for the NWO elite, whether opposing or supporting.

Nonetheless, the common people of Egypt do no want to know what is up with the NWO,they want food and this getting awfully similar to the French Revolution.

In fact food supply is there it is just the prices that are to high and will continue to rsie as fuel increases.This Rev 6 Inflation at work.

Moreover, Kenya and Uganda’s Central Banks are now raising interest rates after months of copying the Federal Reserve of USA’S low interest rates game.TRANSLATION–GAME OVER.2011 is Economic Armageddon .

Egypt is spewing with lava and one should not ignore protest because they always have a aim and when they are ignored the people opt for more options.That option is civil war.When people fail to get the government they begin to attack their neighbors whom they perceive as enemies a case of national misplaced anger.
Hence the so called Muslim-Christian tensions are based on misplaced anger when the Muslims cannot reach their rulers they turn to their neighbors ,the Christians.

Mine is not to scare anyone but to call us to WATCH AND PRAY.of course we know that these things will happen as Jesus said they would-but we forget and we need to be reminded .That is what I do..remind you and me.

Arthur Owiti