The Imperial American Puppet show is in for a shocker.Egyptians are tired of the Government not knowing that they are actually tired
of American Hegemony.What these cases of Uprising reveal is the oppressive nature of American Hegemony that is not only killing foreigners but killing American nationals with the dead economic system and political circus.

Yet in all this America blames China for violating human rights ? IT is hypocrisy.Yes China violates human rights grossly ,but America violates national rights grossly through wars and the dollar fiat system and economics.

America through its Octopus arms such as UN, CFR, and other elite groups not forgetting rich individuals make plans for countries, make treaties for Israel and Arabs, appoint residents.They basically control the show.Yet America , as a country is being used as puppet even though it is a puppet master.

America supports and put puppets in power to implement their agenda and to put their interests over the interests of the local people.
A case study of the system shows that if the puppets are doing a fine job they do not mind them ruling forever even though it affects the local populace ; because government is of the rich elite by the rich elite for the rich elite.

The pictures below say it all ..THE IMPERIAL AMERICAN MUPPET SHOW

Ousted Tunisian President Ali with former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice was an Imperial American Puppet

President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt with former President Bush...An American Imperial Puppet

Former Preisdent George BushJr an Oil Baron, with President Museveni of Uganda

WHO ARE PUPPETS..America, and other Political leaders and Entities

Puppets fight the wars of the puppet Masters…
Puppets implement the laws of their Puppet Masters
Puppets defend the policies of their puppet masters as their own because they have the same desire as their puppet masters — EASY MONEY

WHO ARE THE PUPPET MASTERS..America and other Political entities

-The Antichrist NWO Elite
-The Jesuit led Vatican
– The UN , CFR ,
-Royal Families and Business Companies

Hence the puppet master being a man is also a creature thus can be a puppet like the own puppet he controls.

Arthur Owiti