TRUTH EMPOWERS ONE TO SPEAK TO POWER...An Egyptian Protester signs graffitti on President Mubarak's potrait-courtesy

The rise of the Tech-Tyrannical Governments

By Arthur Owiti


Everyone thought that Facebook and the Internet would be useful tools for exchanging information,but Egyptian Authorities have shown disdain for technology that aids the masses.They cling on technology that aids the State.

Tech-Tyranny is Tyranny that employs technological warfare against its populace.Egypt has just earned a gold medal on that.NOt that Egypt is a forerunner in this form of technological oppression ;Iran and China are Masters , not to forget America who is rehearsing the same . SO far in the heart of the Egyptian Storming of the Bastille the Internet has been shut down -whether partially or fully is not the question.

The issue is a deliberate clamp down on people’s right to communicate with one another is a shutdown. Why this form of tyranny ? Because the revolutionaries employ the internet to tell the real story and encourage support from other folks outside.This does not solve the issue but actually gives room for genocide to be committed in darkness.

Thus we can see that Technological Suppression through switching off the Internet proves that the Internet is:

1.A threat to the State

2.A political weapon hence will be branded as Terrorist or Criminal weapon

3. A source of Evidence for the State once the chaos has died down to catch all those who would be called “Internet inciters.”

This is why I Am worried about Facebook and Twitter which are corporations that can marry the State at the same time the people.They have married the people and allowed them to vent their views and feelings about all issues.But the same Face book and Twitter since they are legally established must submit to the State when called upon to produce evidence of political dissent or views that are deemed illegal.
If Facebook can marry Goldman Sachs ,it can marry President Kim of North Korea.IT has already married Interpol and the FBI.

SO we are going to see more an more state s becoming Tech-Tyrannies and this how they do it:
1.Switch off the Internet partially or fully in all areas or some areas to create confusion
2.Raise Internet costs to disallow large usage of the Internet

3.Switch off specific websites called “criminals” or “enemies of the state”

4.Slow down the Internet speed

5.Switch off Electricity or Energy supply that aids in charging laptops and computers and servers.

6.Put up Government sites and pro-elite information after switching off ” enemies of the state”

7.Divert website links to other links

8.Scare tactics of crashing computers that go to certain sites

9. Gain info from Yahoo, Face book of so called revolutionaries to employ them as evidence

The question is, why does the State which has the whole army and police switch off the Net?Because the people can be a threat to the State .Hence the reason why the State is the only one allowed to commit Legal genocide like death penalties and life imprisonments.

Knowledge is power and the State wants to be the only provider of Knowledge and information. In these last days, it will commit legal genocide against believers of truth.Wait and see.

Arthur Owiti