ALJAZEERA SHUT DOWN BY EGYPTIAN AUTHORITIES..HIDING THE STATE SPONSORED GENOCIDE-Why we will always insist on calling democracy  a farce is because of this   raucous.The people are the ones who are called the sovereign ,yet when they demand their rights to oust the ones whom they placed in power,they are killed by their own bullets.Their taxes and sweat bought the tanks and teargas and now they are being  used against them? Then we have been under monarchies and not democracies…nothing ever changed since the Roman Empire..”we the people” have been deceived,it is an illusion, hence the bloodshed and chaos  .



As the Nile turns bloody ,with casualities passing the 50 persons mark ,in Egypt’s six days of rage ,Israel is “watching” the events with much concern.This is nothing but war talk.


This concern by Israel should not be underestimated as the current Arab Revolution works to change the geopolitics of the region.


Israel is already facing a prospect of war with Hamas hence its reliance on a Pseudo Islamic Ally Hosni Mubarak not aid Hamas(of course this has been happening but not as ferrrocious as it can get under a radical).



If Egypt is ruled by a Moderate or Radical Muslim regime, Israel is doomed to make an offensive against here enemies in the near future.THE MIDDLE EAST IS ON FIRE !



Thus one can connect the dots to the Sudan Referendum was about the NWO Middle East World War 3 . South Sudan is being set up as a proxy for Israel in case Egypt turns against its back .From the looks of things, if the Egyptian Revolution comes to birth, Israel will be an enemy of Egypt from the word go.



A glance at the current upheavals shows that the Arab Muslim World is fed up with Western Democracy that is incompatible with Islam-this new wind of change will be hijjacked by Religion, much as it is being driven by the young unemployed and educated working class . Israel slept on the bosom of America thinking that democracy will quell Islam and Arab Nationalism;the recent revolutions are screaming into Israel ears declaring that Israel has run out of options .


1.The preeminence of Hizbullah by replacing Hariri with their Prime Minister


2.The return of exiled Islaimst leader to Tunisia after the Revolution


3.The shaking of Egypt which if successful would lead to Mubarak’s downfall


4. North Sudan’s temper tantrums after the feeling of deflated pride hits them seeing President Bashir as a loser .


World War 3 is being set up and the Arab Islamic Alliance being modified through these uprisings.



Arthur Owiti