WHY AMERICA HAS ALWAYS CONTROLLED THE ARAB WORLD FOR HERSELF…..Mubarak’s 3 decades= America’s 3 decades in Egypt

By Arthur Owiti

The wave of Pan-Arab ism is spreading all over the Middle East after the inspirational revolution of Tunisians. This is a threat to USA Babylon, that is also at its dying moments, the end of an Empire.

First of all , many cannot imagine that America can fall because it has great weapons and very many military bases world over. This historical amnesia does not help as many know that the mighty Roman Empire fell despite its legions, the British Empire was brought on her knees despite her Naval superiority, The Egyptian Kingdom fell at the time of Moses despite being glorious and powerful.

Hence what is happening in the Arab world is a message to America that the time to be an Empire is come to an end.

Well ,one has to look at America’s state .Despite its many weapons and great ingenuity , America is not juts made up of skyscrapers and missiles, it is made up of people.

If the people are not united , there is nothing they can do even though they have all the weapons in and bases in the world which can be taken over by the very host nations that host them.

One has to understand that America IS A TOOL FOR THE GLOBAL RICH. They use her laws , her weapons to gain all the goods of the world, but if America becomes useless for them , why stick with her..throw her away.

America is broke, racially divided, economically divided , morally divided. Division has never augured well for any Warring empire.

Yet , let us look at Arab nations or Pan Arabism and why their clout is worth noting.

They are not divided racially as such because:

1.The Arab union is made up of Arabs

2.The Arab Union is made up of one language , Arabic

3.The Arab Union is made up of one religion with different sects, Islam

4.The Arab union is the source of one important resource called OIL , hence feeds the world’s industry

It is this union that inspired Abdel Nasser of Egypt to work towards Pan Arabism the same Pan Arabism that got him killed when he was not a USA Puppet but working for Arab Socialism.

IT is this same Pan Arabism that made it possible for the Arab nations to attack Israel in 1948 and during the Six Day’s War.The same Pan Arabism that will be needed to confront Israel in the near future.

IT is very interesting to note that America always opposed Pan Arabism and Pan African ism because it was a code word for United States of Arabia or United States of Africa.

America has no problem with United States of Africa or Arabia , as long as THEY CONTROL IT.IF they do not control it ,then they must destroy it.

However the winds are blowing again and the Rich Elite will not stop this Pan Wave from blowing as it is useful for their attack on Israel which is seen as an hindrance to the Pan Arabia.


The Different Pans in the world:

1.Pax Americana

2.Pax Europa

3.Pax Russia

4.Pan Africa

5..Pan Arabia

America and Europe have the technological know-how and might but they do not have unity.

10 European countries cannot sit down and have a meeting in one language but 10 nations of the Arab Union can.

America may use English with all the the whites and blacks and other races , but they are divided politically and economically and racially and recently ,religiously.

The only united thing in America are the super rich who employ America’s divisions for its own good.

This chaos in the Arab world is being used to by the NWO Elite as an NWO revolution to effect their plan of domination by the consent of the people.

Why America’s Empire Status is doomed is because the Pan Arabia that is being set up WILL NOT TOE TO AMERICAN POLICIES BUT THE UNITED NATIONS PRINCIPLES and their Islamic values .

Secondly, the chaos in the Arab world will lead to fuel crisis that will make Americans turn against their government , a government of which does not have the confidence of the people.Americans will GO TO THE STREETS.

America may skyscrapers and ballistic weapons, but when the people are divided , it cannot stand.