President Mubarak is giving concessions to the people of Egypt as if he is doing them favor yet he got 89% support in the last election,surely is he saying they are wrong this time ?

The dream called Democracy has a beautiful word called Sovereignty.This means supreme authority or above all authority. In Democracies , the people are sovereign .Yet from what has been passing as concessions in Egypt are nothing but usurping of sovereignty from the people.

When someone is sovereign, it basically means that the ruler is above the law or immune from any prosecution until they leave office.For monarchs ,this is the privilege of privileges . However in democracies, these privileges were endowed to the People and this was clearly seen in the French and American Revolution that called for equality for all.

Thus the People are above the law when they act collectively to make any change in their country .This is why the right to asssociate and expression are not given by the State but are naturally owned hence are above State rights.

It is legal for them to oust their representatives even against the grain of the law and constitution because they are the authors of the law and constitution the very documents that empower the system.The documents were made by people but the people are not made by the documents.

However , we have seen that today’s democracies are basically puppet monarchies who do the bidding of their puppet masters.Hence the sovereignty lies in the King or President yet the constitutions say the people.

When it lies with the King/President it is a monarchy. This makes the President above the law when he is the servant of the people, the real sovereign.


The puppet master should be the people and not a foreign power or company or king.

However ,all democracies in the world are monarchies feigning democracy.

A keen study of the leaders shows how they claim many public assets changing  them into private property in the name of privatization. Thus even when the President leaves , the contracts he has signed with foreign companies and his companies continue to subsist.By this we are not calling for an end to private property but an end to stealing public property that is different from private property.

Yet what we see in Egypt is America telling the puppet to do as it says and not to listen to the people. If things are as they seem , The Egyptian Revolution was a real people’s cry for deliverance .Yet true deliverance and salvation from political mess will come from Jesus Christ after the Antichrist rule .

May God send labourers of the gospel to Egypt that they may hear the good news of the coming of Jesus Christ as the kingdoms of this world have failed them and lied to them.

in Jesus Christ

Arthur Owiti