The Egyptian crisis is actually turning out to be Evolutionary other than Revolutionary.From the way things are going Mubarak is slowly giving in but just not so soon.However, the demand of the people is for him to resign from the presidency .Will he before September?

If he does resign before September ,though I think, in my guesswork, it may be by February 14, it will resound very powerfully all over the Middle East and Africa as some Africans and Arabs want their presidents to resign for the same reasons.

Well, some may say let him stay until September thinking that his absence means doom for Egypt .Well what if he dies?

Remember President Mubarak had an operation some time ago.This shows the folly of man. The rulers of this world are mortal and God has their breath in his hands .You cannot peg your life on such a mortal whose life can poof tomorrow !

So it is shameful to say they have no other leader than him or no other visionary because it means they have no perfection of death which is inevitable.Hence  the fact that it is not just the removal of the head but the spirit that brings the body to its knees.Egypt will still be America’s poodle unless America falls.

The significance of the Egyptian Evolution has huge ramifications all over the world.Keep watching the volcano has erupted.

Arthur Owiti