By Arthur Owiti
Matt 21:12-13 And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them
that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the
moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves, And said
unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of
prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.

This is still another of the millions of cases of church business and thieves selling in the midst of fellowships. Please note that in the case below , the entrepreneur or business man went to Bishop Eddie Long’s church sold his ware as the church received a commission and now when things are biting Bishop Edie Long rises as Super man ready to save the day.

The reality is that as the Economic Crisis is beginning to bite deep , Debts are going to be laid on the doorsteps of many churches as many pastors are going to visit the courtrooms to pursue so called church debtors.

This whole business thing has killed the growth of believers who are to attend church to grow in Christ Jesus.Now most sermons end up being sermons of “how we fought debtor y” or “why we have no money “or “sorry for the poor investment”.Money is the oxygen of many churches and that is dangerous because money has wings and indeed it flew away since the 2008 recession hit and now depression hit.

BE prepared to see more Money scandals and Church Business deals go sour because the Economy HAS NOT RECOVERED.So much of planting a seed prosperity.

You see, the love of money is the root of all evil.When you pursue money with all your heart , be prepared to lie, steal, kill, covet , get jealous, connive against another .It dumps you into a sea of sin.Already Bishop Eddie Long is being accused of lying via character assassination.How worse does it get ?

Yet many pastors are leading their flock into this sea because it promises very good things of this world and comfort.IT is a false comfrt because it ends up being stolen or rusting or being destroyed.Not so for the treasure laid up in heaven.

Remember on earth , you are either emptying your account in heaven by hoarding riches on earth or your are emptying your account on earth but filling your account in heaven by giving to those in need.Giving in this time is the Father’s business but sleazy deals in church is Satan’s business .

Bishop Eddie Long seems to follow the footsteps of Israel of old that made agreements with the nations round about and it ate thorns not grapes!You reap what you sow.May God awaken his sleeping church that is drunk on money and more money.

Arthur Owiti

Entrepreneur Accuses Bishop Eddie Long of ‘Character Assassination’

The entrepreneur mentioned in the recent YouTube video appeal by Bishop Eddie Long has issued a statement responding to the charge that he and City Capital have not returned $ 1 million in investments to members of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.

In a statement, Ephren Taylor, former CEO of City Capital, called Long’s claims a “direct character assassination.” Contrary to what Long said, Taylor asserted that he has been in cooperation with the City Capital’s legal team even after his departure as the CEO and has helped to ensure that investors at New Birth each received a resolution package to resolve any outstanding issues.

“Paralegals confirmed that each member received a resolution package, and I personally reviewed an updated report on which clients were contacted, and when contact was initiated,” said Taylor, who noted the resolutions are confidential.

Taylor acknowledged, however, that he did speak at New Birth during his Wealth Tour in 2009. During the tour he led business seminars and promoted his book Creating Success from the Inside Out.

Earlier this week, Long was shown in a YouTube video asking City Capital and Taylor to “do what’s right” and refund money that was invested by members of his Atlanta-based church. Long said the money was not returned after the investments went “sour.”

Asking members of his 25,000-strong congregation to back his appeal, Long said to Taylor, “You’re a great man…Let’s settle this so that these families can move on.”

The embattled pastor, who is being accused by four young men of sexual misconduct, said in the video that neither him nor New Birth received money from City Capital for hosting the financial seminars.

But according to Taylor, Long and his church did receive commission from the event.

“The church received a percentage of product sales, and stated their intent to sell videos from the presentations,” he explained in the Jan. 31 statement.

Taylor resigned from City Capital on Oct. 22, 2010, but said he is still participating in follow-up talks between City Capital and New Birth, including with Elder Maurice Waddell, the church’s chief operating officer. Taylor said that he recently joined a conference call between lawyers of City Capital and members of New Birth in January.

“Since my transition from City Capital Corporation in 2010, I have operated completely independent of the company,” said Taylor. “However, in good faith, I have chosen to honor my commitment to assist in the efforts to advance a swift and positive conclusion for all parties.”

The YouTube video has since been removed by Franklin Media Group, run by Long’s spokesman Art Franklin.