By Arthur Owiti

The Egyptian Revolution is picking up speed with the entry of the Egyptian Diaspora in America demonstrating and pushing for the ouster of President Mubarak who is as stiff as the Rock of Gibraltar.Yet there is a reality that the Neo African Diaspora is making its voice heard in the affairs of their home countries.

There are many Diasporas in the world , in fact America is THE country that is full of European, Asian , African Diasporas and now Arab Diasporas that is causing some jitters because of Islam’s Expansion worldwide.

EGYPTIANS IN AMERICA SAY HOME IS HOME AS OBAMA CANNOT WISH EGYPT AWAY-Egyptian Americans protest against Mubarak outside the White House-courtesy VOA

Yet some of them have completely forgotten their original homes as in America where they now call themselves Americans .However those who do not want to lose their”identity ” for many reasons , whether economic social or religious become hyphenated Americans e.g Z-American, Latin-American .

Yet History is awash with Diasporas that do go back home.I see the Economic Depression may lead many Africans home , that is the Neo African Diaspora , not the Historic African Diaspora.


One nation that is the prime example of Diaspora is the Jewish Nation. God used to disperse Israel whenever it sinned against him and refused to repent.

He scattered them for sometime and later allowed a remnant to return.Interesting enough is that whenever a majority left a minority was always left behind.And that minority was the poor.

In these last days Israel will return home after the return of Jesus Christ and this will include Gentile believers who are part of Israel.


Africans are another group of people that were dispersed thanks to invasions by Arabs and later Europeans who used Slave Trade to advance their plantations in the Americas.Many Africans were thus transported to al corners of the earth and most especially the Americas.

From there, they lost their connection with the Motherland with the exception of Liberians who were consoled with a ” home sweet home state.”

Yet this African Diaspora has been inactive in Africa despite its huge size because of the economic standing of most of them.They became the lower caste of society in the Americas , hence could not raise money to uplift themselves let alone their home country.

Moreover, they lost their cultural norms thus disconnecting them from their original home.


These are Africans who have VOLUNTARILY(though for some, there was no alternative) offered to work overseas or earn living due to political , social and economic turmoil back home.

Their voluntarism surprisingly arose out of the involuntary servitude under dictatorships.Involuntary servitude, because most of the leaders were elected through rigging or gained power by military means.

Another factor that led to this soft immigration was American Branding through Hollywood. The movies paint America in a very good light in terms of social amenities and standards of living.Of course it is not a lie , that is juts how America, the superpower is.

Thus these pictures of freedom are a healing balm to many in Africa that face the striking opposite in run down houses, political suppression, low wages for a lot of work, shattered dreams but successful nightmares.All these led and lead to the desire to work abroad.

Many have not succeeded however as they found that the West also has its harsh realities.Yet, many have improved their lives to a level of being might entrepreneurs and academics that wield not only power but money.

This might has led them to influence many activities back at home as they are increasingly demanding for their space in the national affairs of their home countries.

During election periods some of them are busy mobilizing resources and manpower fro abroad to fix their agenda.The richer you are the louder you can speak.

The Kenyan Diaspora made its voice heard during the Referendum for the New Constitution. This step is giving them more space and with the Internet technology they are virtually controlling home by remote control.

Thus the Invisible hand of the Neo African Diaspora is no longer invisible as the political crisis that is hitting Africa will bring these elites to the center stage.

Much as some feel that they will bring needed ideas thanks to their exposure abroad, in these last days they will bring more chaos than peace because the rich elite in their ilk want to have it all .


1.The Somali Diaspora – own many business outlets worldwide and also in Africa

2.The Kenyan Diaspora – with its reliance on human resource , Kenyans are one of the most scattered Africans who if they all returned back Kenya would be too small for their ideas.

3. The Ugandan Diaspora- also a very scattered lot with overseas tribal blocs affecting home affairs.

4. The Indian Diaspora – one of the oldest Diaspora to Africa that holds gigantic business ventures in Eastern Africa and Southern Africa

5.South Sudanese Africa- the new architects and builders of the new South Sudan

Arthur Owiti

me,there was no alternative