Bahrain has erupted and will be explosive unless a swift solution is found.The death of protesters is sad as this cements the whole struggle as a freedom struggle.

Meanwhile Jordan and Yemen better prepare for more volcanic eruptions.

The whole revolution in the Arab world shows how the conditions in the world are the same and that oppression unites the masses.

However  in every oppressive society there are those who are benefiting from the oppressive regime and those who are not.Hence the war, hence the bloodshed.

You cannot plant a bad tree and expect good fruits. Truly the Rich Elite that oppress people are either blind or deliberately blind, thinking that their oprresive might would not bring new quests for freedom.

Can an oppressive and unjust system really give birth to justice for all ? I am yet to see one do so.The vanity  and hopelessness of the kingdoms of this world.

Arthur Owiti



The Pharisees demonized Jesus when they could not match his authority and leadership.

IN these last days, true Christians will be demonized by both the World’ Political Systems, leaders and Religious leaders that are friends with them. They will act in vengeance as their systems begin to to collapse and show their real vile nature that they have been in hiding in deceptive covers.Watch and beware of men.



So great that it hides its greatness with silence.The Roman Catholic church has wings as an eagle and has its hands on many institutions, political, economic and religious.


The old Holy Roman Empire was a Co regency between the Roman Catholic Church and the Royal Families

Now that Holy Roman Empire is hiding behind the name European Union hence the Roman Catholic Church is the head of religion in the European Union by Default.

South America is equally known as Latin America . Why , yet the Portuguese and Spanish conquered that part of America? Latin is the official language of the Roman Catholic Church.And ,those colonialists actually conquered for their monarchs who were subject to the Pope.

The Roman Catholic Church took over from the Roman Pagan Empire that also used Latin.Thus , the whole South American Continent is religious led by the Vatican Roman Catholic church.

The same applies to French West Africa which is religiously based on the Catholic and Islamic religions.
The Anglican and Protestant churches were left with German and British territories only that the Roman Catholic Church still gained ground in these non Catholic colonialists.

America was also not left out from Vatican control as the King of England was also subject to the Vatican , hence the laws that govern civil and criminal law in America are basically from British Laws which were based on Latin and Roman Ideas.

With this long and vast influence on politics and society, surely why should one not see that the Vatican CHurch is not juts a church but an empire ?

The whole institution is based on Antichrist doctrines and will be the platform that unites all world religions ushering in the false prophet of the Antichrist. Watch and Beware.

Arthur Owiti