Britain gives pussy cat response, America does not even wink…Gaddafi is an NWO stooge but the people do not want to know about NWO.

 by Arthur Owiti

Libya’s volcano has erupted and the eruptions are too gruesome. Yet the so called Superpowers are hiding under the Sovereignty principle which bars intervention in the affairs of a sovereign state. Yet people are being massacred ??  These Western powers only rush to countries that are against them but do not care about their friends who are dictators.


Actually the dictators who are friends of the West are promised Peace but Dictators or regimes that are against Western Interests are promised wars and conflicts if not assassinations.

Right now Libya has  used Foreign Snipers against its citizens why ? Because the army which consists of the local populace can turn against the government.

Yet whether foreign or local the murder and shooting only fuels violence from the protesters. It does nothing but inflame them and make them pay the highest  price of freedom which is death.

Instead of decreasing the state of creating fatherless children and widows which creates poverty and economic underdevelopment, the State is busy trying to quench the unquenchable ..Oppression.

The reality of Oppression can make someone die to be freed from it. This should not be the case, but Jesus prophesied  that in these last days , this is what will happen.

Our cry and prayer is for the people of Libya who have suffered under the monarchy of Gaddafi that the Lord would make his gospel known to them and that they would turn to Jesus the man and king who loves people more than riches that he died for them.

King Jesus will come to show the kings of this world how a good king is supposed to rule. Gaddafi loves riches more than his people that instead of suffering for them when they are suffering, he kills the suffering people in the name of protecting his riches and kingdom.

We re not wrong to conclude that Africa’s leaders are nothing but Nazi Replicas .This is not Pan Africanism but Nazi-Africanism and it is sponsored and supported by the West and Global Elite whether USA OR China or Russia. God have mercy on us all.

Arthur Owiti