WHEN REVOLUTIONS FADE AND FAIL , CIVIL WARS ARRIVE AND THRIVE – American Revolution was followed by American Civil War .Gaddafi’s revolution has failed and now the people of Bengazi want their own revolution that will lead to civil war.

Libya is GONE . This molehill has become a volcano and Civil War is not coming , but has come. Gaddafi’ s son Seif al-Islam el-Qaddafi,has foreseen civil war if there is no rational discussion to solve the crisis.

Well, what is the fuss ? Why all the raucus ? Is it the Effects of the Egyptian R Evolution?

Of course these are the effects of the Egyptian Revolution but also the confirmation that the same problems in Egypt were the same problems in Libya.

BY the way for Bible Believers we know that Egypt was the old name for upper Africa and that Libya is also mentioned in the scriptures as a place where sword and violence shall increase.

These incidents have been prophesied and the best thing one can do is to trust in the Lord , repent of their sins and WATCH AND PRAY.

The days are evil and the Bible is clear how violence and pestilences will kill a quarter of th world’s population in Revelation 6.

My friends we are in that time from the looks of things because A GLOBAL ECONOMIC CRISIS WILL ALWAYS GIVE BIRTH TO A GLOBAL POLITICAL CRISIS.

Think this is only going to happen in the Muslim Arab World.Theirs is preparation for war with Israel.Yet, it will spread worldwide.

Arthur Owiti