By  Arthur Owiti

Gaddafi’s Libya is on the brink of dissolution as many migrant workers enforce the” Exodus act” in despair as things get worse and worse. As for Gaddafi , he is being choked for his own policies and iron hand.

One needs a iron hand when implementing the rights of the poor and justice , however it is evil to have an iron hand to implement injustice.

For Gaddafi , selective justice and false revolution is what makes up his regime.

It is strange that revolutionaries talk about “assets abroad “ or “property overseas” .A true revolutionary suffers with his people until they are uplifted. Not for African Dictators like Gaddafi.

They “fight so called revolutionary wars” for their own ego and enrichment not for the people and this evidenced by the fruit of their regimes: injustice and oppression.

Do not be deceived by high flying buildings and skyscrapers and tarmac roads, that is not justice. It is the enforcement of the rights of the people, which if not dealt with will always result to collapse in any part of the world.

What one can conclude is Gaddafi has committed political suicide by artificially violating certain provisions of the NWO script and naturally violating justice


1.Gaddafi Has Been Meddling in Other African Countries Affairs

In the purported spirit of so called Pan Africanism , Gaddafi has been involving himself in the affairs of many African countries.

However the first involvement with heads of States failed to bear fruit as the African leaders refused to give him the title of the President of Africa .

In response to this rejection, Gaddafi got involved in the affairs of traditional and cultural institutions of the same African countries .He has been pouring MILLIONS in the hands of so called cultural leaders and kings who have been making trips to Libya from time to time.

HONOUR ME AND I WILL GIVE YOU RICHES ...Gaddafi receives adoration from so called Kenyan Traditional leaders and chiefs.The man in some golden apparel is Kamlesh Pattni , a "pastor'(how does a pastor worship a president??) who happened to help the Kenyan elite loot millions after looting gold from Congo .To add more ketchup to the story, Gaddafi bought Pattni's prestigious hotel in Nairobi from the Kenyan Government...Grand Legal theft of the Grand Regency Hotel..PICTURE COURTESY NATION

This does not augur well with the sitting presidents who have foreseen that Gaddafi is busy funding Opposition in the countries.

One example is President Museveni of Uganda who quickly made a law banning cultural leaders from having ties with foreign nations in fear of the leaders growing into a formidable opposition being funded by his “enemies”.

Hence African leaders are silently laughing at Gaddafi especially those that were not pleased at Gaddafi’s bribing of traditional leaders and kingdoms.


One fact is for sure , that Gaddafi is a NWO stooge and actually a Vatican poodle. Italy colonized Libya thus it was and is property of the Pope. Actually countries that were colonized by Portugal, Italy and Spain and France are directly ROMAN CATHOLIC VATICAN JESUIT property.

However those who do not work in line with their script face resistance. This is why Somali is in turmoil and Libya is going to turn into Somali, a country of fragmented republics .

Part of Somalia is resisting the Vatican led NWO hence the wars and piracy. Libya ‘s Gaddafi has been following the script very well until his lone ranger stance of declaring himself President of Africa and King of Kings (blasphemy) has brought resistance very fast to his doorstep and he will be punished for trying to divert from the NOW script. They always fire the bad actors , don’t they ?

However I believe that he is actually acting very well as per the script, to deceive the world that change has come when actually it is the NWO has come.When you see dogs fighting each other sometimes they could be playing.US AND GADDAFI CAN BE FRIENDS FEIGNING ENMITY.


Every Libyan venture in Africa has Gaddafi’s fingerprints and there are numerous ventures dealing with petroleum and oil. Gaddafi’s immense wealth has made him a Goliath Business man who if he was not stopped would be an African Bill Gates who would make his dreams come true because has the means to make them come true, money.

Now with frozen assets , Gaddafi’s empire is on hold if not fast demise just like the buildings that fell in New Zealand because of the earthquake. Gaddafi’s business empire can also collapse in a second to the gain of his competitors.


Injustice and Violation of Human Rights

Gaddafi may have boasted of a social welfare system yet his rule has done nothing but stifle free speech and other freedoms. Opposition was treason just like Hitler believed.

Oppression makes the people mad and surely it did under his watch , a clear indication that the so called economic progress has only blessed his account and not the people’s account

Greed and Theft

Libya is not a republic but a Corporation owned by Gaddafi .He has used the taxpayers money to establish businesses in Africa and also bribe many traditional leaders and other leaders to the detriment of the people , and someone thinks that some people will just say nothing?

It is ignorance when Gaddafi’s son says that only a few are protesting .The rest that are not, are involved in a conspiracy of silence …they would be for Gaddafi if they all went to street , but no, it is only a few sycophants and militia…a clear sign that the silent ones are against him.

When you plant an orange tree you will get oranges. Gaddafi planted injustice, theft and murder he has reaped what HE ALONE has sown.

Arthur Owiti