One fact one should not forget is that the NWO ‘S PLAN OF CONTROL IS BEING ESTABLISHED VERY FAST.

The unanimous UN resolution against Gaddafi is enough proof of the speed at which things are going.

Quick actions call for Quick reactions and this blow will finish Gaddafi .Ask Ggabo of Ivory Coast.

Well February has proved to be more explosive than January and that is because Egypt and Tunisia successfully spread a contagious fire to rest of the Arab world. Ivory Coast has finally set in for Civil War a path that many Sub Saharan African countries are headed this year.

Because of tribalism, Africa understands civil wars not revolutions, sad but plain truth.
One should know that a country with 40 tribes has 40 kings, 40 laws , 40 Constitutions

Yet the so called democracies are living proof that the governments are Antichrist because the Antichrist will rule over all tribes therefore give one law for 40 nations.
On the side of nature

The New Zealand Earthquake has shown the world that our buildings are vanity as natural events can make a city that has been built for 100 years , be rubble in 100 hours.
All we can do is just humble ourselves in repentance, nature is going to convulse the more in these last days.


People are running away from their home countries as migrants leave their sources of income, importing unemployment to their home countries because of the crisis in the Middle East and North Africa. This is just the beginning , soon many migrant workers are either going to leave Europe or die there as chaos will sweep that continent like a flood.


These Nwo Elitists always use speed when implementing their plans because speed does not give time for anyone, the media, scholars and analysts to think and come up with concrete conclusions. They only come up with speculations.
Only those who have foreseen these events or have studied books that have foreseen the events can understand. Get to study the word of God, KJV NOW AND YOU WILL UNDERSTAND.

Those who have studied the word know that war has to take place in the Middle East hence the revolutions are nothing but an alignment of the Muslim Arab Alliance against Israel.

Iran has just sent two ships next to Israel and the world is quiet? Yes because it is going to be surprise to the unsuspecting world when ships are sunk and considered an act of war. This is why North Korea is threatening South Korea, another surprise.

So this March let us b e diligent in our study of the word and in doing it , so that we are NOT SURPRISED, because March will be full of surprises and intrigue .

Sudan is a hot volcano waiting to erupt as Gaddafi’s downfall will embolden many opposition parties in Africa.

Arthur Owiti