True Prophets of God have to pay the price of being hated by many and loved by few. It is a given fact.


A look at the number of people that have been saved to those who have been destroyed, shows that more are destroyed than saved , because people are deceived by their own ideas instead of believing God. Yet God is a God of freedom who will not force you to follow his way BUT WARN people out of love to return to him.

In these last days the Bible promises the presence of two witnesses who will be empowered by God to prophesy against the nations and pronounce judgments on the world.

Many like debating about who the two witnesses are some saying it is Elijah and Enoch , others saying the Jewish and Gentile Believers, Male and Female believers,
Well the presence of these two witnesses will be similar to that of Moses and Aaron who were sent to Egypt and the two Angels who were sent to Sodom and Gomorrah.

Thus such similarity should show us that we should grasp the understanding of what will happen when these two witnesses arise.


First of all these two witnesses will prophesy during the Gentiles control of Jerusalem. We should therefore keep our eyes on Jerusalem as we should know by now how the Vatican False Prophet Pope is busy hastening the Oslo Accords that gave Jerusalem’s holy sites to the Antichrist Ecumenism, One World Religion.

The stopping of the altar which will is the abomination of desolation is the most significant sign to watch for, 75 days to the 1335 day when the Lord shall appear.

Nonetheless , they will be empowered to smite the earth with plagues such as turning water into blood and other judgments similar to those Egypt underwent.


1. Empowerment from God
Of course these two witnesses receive power from God to do God’s work of prophesying and testifying against the world. Thus one must be filled with God’s power and only God can empower one to speak forth his will and word.

2.Prayer and Praying

Elijah prayed earnestly that it might not rain and it did not rain for 42 months.The 2 witnesses will also order for it not to rain.

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth man. We are no different from Elijah in terms of being humans , thus when we are right with God and our prayers will not go unanswered.

In these last days the true saints of God are crying for vengeance for the blood of the saints and crying for the kingdom of God to come. They are praying for the judgments of the Lord to be made known on the earth so that the people can learn righteousness.

3. Testimony and Testifying Jesus Christ THE LORD

The two witnesses are testifying against the world about the judgments to come for the world’s rejection of Jesus Christ and its worship of the Antichrist.

The exaltation of the Antichrist in Jerusalem will be a very significant event that will take the world to a paradigm shift of volcanic proportions.

Always note that significant spiritual events always correspond with natural events.

1. Jesus Birth —- the Star from the East
2. Jesus Death—– Darkness at Noon Day
3. Jesus Resurrection— Earthquake
4. The Outpouring of the Holy Ghost—-Mighty Wind from Heaven
5. Jesus Coming….. Darkness and the shaking of the heavens and Falling Stars

Yet for the Antichrist events the earth will suffer with the greatest tribulation in the history of the world.
Yet the witnesses will testify about God , hence Jesus Christ. When true prophets preach judgment they are preaching the righteousness of God who is Jesus Christ .


However despite their show of God ‘s power with accurate predictions and real occurrence of their prophecies, the majority do not repent.
Majority will be concerned about the pains of judgment and not the reason behind the judgments.

Thus they will hate those who bring messages of doom and gloom, the judgments of God , because it brings torment and pain and not bliss and success of their worldly plans.

Flashback to Moses and Aaron who did God’s wonders , being empowered by him did Pharaoh repent ??…no he hardened his heart. Yet some Egyptians did repent and followed the Israelites making up the mixed multitude of Israel.

Thus just because God’s power and judgments have been displayed on the earth does not mean all people will repent .Some will and others will not.

The judgments are actually signs calling us to repent. The witnesses or true prophets are only confirming that these signs and judgments are actually from God who is calling us to repent and turn to him.

However, because of the tormenting and painful nature and character of the judgments people will loathe the witnesses and the Antichrist will order their death.

In these last days those who are willing to preach the truth better preach it unto death. This is always where it ends up as long as one is in a wicked place.

Jesus was hated , Jesus was killed. John the Baptist was hated , John the Baptist was killed. All the 12 apostles including Paul but except John were hated and killed.
The hate is due to the fact that one has to change for them to be right with God, one has to humble themselves and repent to be joined to God.

To preach the truth that Jesus Christ is the Lord is costly, a look at the number of preachers killed in Muslim countries is enough evidence to swallow.

Thus those who choose to do the same must know that is what awaits them in an unrepentant world. However those who are children of wisdom will hear and repent .

Yet the price of dying is not an issue because we do not die but live in the Lord Jesus Christ .

In fact Stephen died the most pleasant death yet unpleasant. While being stoned to death which is very painful, Jesus consoled Stephen by letting him see him in a vision. Stephen died full of joy after seeing the joy of his desire.

Thus once these witnesses are killed for the message they have reached, the Bible assures us that God will resurrect them and they who murdered them will see it and marvel. Our God the God of Israel never fails let us not fail preaching his truth of repentance in Jesus Christ even unto death.

In Christ Jesus
Arthur Owiti