Depression, War, and Recovery..many ardent historians have proved the reality of this cycle.We are seeing it in motion today.


Depression makes a country broke and brokenness makes people to star thinking on their toes to get out of the situation.Thus innovation is born and hence the solution leads to a fix , a fix which makes just enough money to go to war to steal and replace for all you had lost in depression or gain for payment of your debs that made you broke in the depression.

One should know that War is about Satan’s work: KILLING STEALING AND DESTROYING.

Without Satan ,there would be no war but since he oppose God war came about.The bible is clear that there was war in heaven when Satan chose to rebel against God.

Satan’s desire was steal God’s position which is equivalent to destroying which is killing.

Then war came to earth when man fell for Satn’s temptation to rebel against God.And war was born on earth.

God fights back to restore peace but no man fights back to restore peace except Jesus Christ.

Hence war is about stealing and the big powers of United States of America and United States of Europe need to steal to gain more than what they lost at the depression and they are going to use the fudns they have gained from the recovery.

Watch and Pray. Endure to the end in Jesus Christ

Arthur Owiti