I had a interesting conversation with a lady who works at a secretarial bureau .She shared with me how her mobile phone was stolen by a tech savvy thief .It is prudent to know how the thief used technology to aid himself hence will aid the Antichrist system.

As the lady was typing the man’s work she left her mobile phone on the table .Once she printed out the work, the man picked her phone without her noticing.

When she thought of calling someone she found out that her phone was no where to be seen.She quickly reported to the police and wrote a statement.She had no mobile phone for one month.

Two months later the police patrol came to her place of work ready to arrest the lady for stealing mobile phones.She pleaded that it was a case of mistaken identity.

To ensure that it was not a case of mistaken identity, the police questioned whether she knew certain towns and places and she answered to the negative.

The best part was that she had already written a statement reporting loss and theft of her mobile phone.IF she hadnot do so she was going to be arrested fora crime she did not commit why ??

1. The thief who stole her mobile phone was using her number with every other phone he stole

2.The Mobile phone company used her number to track down the thief thus the number was the thief

3.The Mobile Phone company informed the police where the thief was because of the tracking technology they employed to catch the thief.

So we conclude to the lady that many people are arrested for the wrong reasons and ionw rong charges because of technology.

The thief used her number and not his number because he knew that they will not be able to track him but will track the owner of the number, the lady.

This is just one of the many cases of mistaken identity based on technological tracking .

One should analyze this situation with what is happening in Africa:

1.You register you mobile number with your Identity card.

2.As long as your phone is on you are traceable

So this technological registration is helping thieves to steal registered mobile phones and steal with another person’s name.Thus the thief cannot be CAUGHT BECAUSE HE IS NOT KNOWN BY USING A FALSE IDENTITY.

It is for these mistaken identity crimes that the technocrats will call for a more personalized identification that cannot be used by someone else.

Soon everything will be personalized, no sharing of numbers ,laptops, cards …. everything of yours will be attributed to you lone.

Hence justifying the Antichrist system of not buying and selling without the mark.

One should not forget that God gives , Satan steals.

Hence the kingdom of Jesus , is always to provide for those who need.Remember Jesus did not demand the people to give him money to get to eat the loaves and fish, he prayed and fed all of them.

Satan’s kingdom will demand everyone to get a mark for them to do anything that involves money.

The technological system that is aiding the Antichrist system ha s not made people have secure financial transactions but actually more vulnerable to theft by the banksters and theft from tech savvy thieves.It is a wicked world beware.

Arthur Owiti