America may have skyscrapers and ballistic weapons, but when the people are divided , it cannot stand...Arthur Owiti

The Libyan Nakba or Catastrophe is proving something- America is dead. This is clear by the positions she has found herself in. If she does not act in Libya, she is doomed, if she acts, she is doomed. Thus it is a case of picking the lesser evil, with the same result in the end.

The issue of military intervention or humanitarian aid is an issue that will either set the Middle East on fire or set it on fire.Russian and China will not sit idly by as Venezuela will know that what NATO will do to Gaddafi they will soon to do to him.

Yet is true that Gaddafi is out to massacre his own people and this evidenced by the use of foreign mercenaries not the army because the army is divided and cannot kill innocent people.However mercenaries kill for money and have no mercy in their eyes.This must stop but we do not know how.

America is trying to be an invisible superman but it is not helping the situation on the ground as people continue dying .Is America really America ??


America was born in war and she will die in war. She was born in war when she sought justice but she will die in war when she has committed injustice .

Those who think that the full stop is on Afghanistan should think again. America will still go to war as long as there are riches in the world. War will always exist as long as there are just two divergent views on who God is.

The only problem is that America is not America of yesterday, it is weak and fatigued with war and the economy is dead. Thus she will die in the midst of wars and fighting suddenly.

Some say that America has the most military bases and assume that because of this she is mighty. Who could ever have thought that the Roman Empire would fall?

Mighty Mobutu did not use all his enormous s wealth at the time of his death. Thus America does not have to die after suing all her weapons and wealth. She can die even before using half of all her weapons. Besides the bases are based in foreign countries which can choose to back stab them and take over those military bases.

Thus Russia and China are the rising powers to watch because many American firms have moved shop to those countries.

Watch where the money goes. Thus outsourcing should have been a wake up call to Americans that their country is finished .A prostitute whose faithful customer starts being unfaithful can notice that when the night calls reduce in number.

The Libyan and Egyptian Catastrophes are curtain raisers to World War 3 from whence America will die but not without a MIGHTY SHORT YET DESTRUCTIVE FIGHT.

Arthur Owiti