Is it not interesting that the word Digit means numbers ?? The word of God is clear about how a number system will control the buying and selling of everyone in the world.

When one converses with technocrats and tech savvy people one will know that we are living in what they call” The Digital Age”. In KJV English that can also be “The Number Age “, since digit means number.

In Revelation 13 we are shown that the Beast Kingdom will set up a currency that will involve a name a mark and a number.

1. Name
2. Mark
3. Number

The scripture is clear that the number of his name is 666.
This number is of a man at the same time the number of the beast ,the man of sin.

Also at the same time there shall be an image of the beast for all to see and worship.

At the time of the writing of the book of Revelation , the medium of exchange was a coin which had the image of the emperor or ruler or gods.I hope you are watching how Prince William and his fiancee’ have their coins with their images out..yeah the game is not that old and is is still in play.

Actually Jesus explained that they had to pay tribute (a colonial tax) to the colonial power by virtue of the fact that they have been dominated , otherwise they were not pay tribute if the kingdom of Israel was not under Roman domination.

Thus the coin had the picture of the Colonizer and this was in every Roman colonized territory. Only Roman citizens did not pay tribute because they were free.

Run forward today and what you see is the faces of dead presidents practically control every economy and every one’s salary in the world or income. This is because the dollar is the fiat currency of the world because America through Britain colonized the world with the Dollar being the money standard of the world.

And guess what ? Americans do not pay the tribute money or tax on foreign money because the dollar is their currency. But all countries pay this tax. History repeats itself, from Rome to America.

However the American Dollar is dead because the American Economy is dead. Zimbabwean Dollar died because the Zimbabwean Economy died. Simple Economic Math.

However, its death is to bring about the Digital Economy where numbers will the medium of exchange. Computerized transactions will be mandatory for you to be involved in any meaningful trade.

So it is quite astonishing to note that the Bile foresaw Digital economics where a number will be the medium of exchange.

Of course in the Digital age the paper currency will just act as the tangible evidence of the digital cash. This is because computers and mobile phones all employ numbers and symbols.

Thus the NWO CURRENCIES that are being brought out in the limelight this year of 2011 will replace the dollar and will act as the backing on which digital transactions will be based.

Arthur Owiti