The Ocampo 6 is dragging Kenyans into their tribal cocoons as the real questions about the post election violence are not being answered .It is like arguing about who started a house fire when the fire is still burning.Instead of putting off the fire people are fighting about who did it.This is because they gain from the fire burning the house …they have insurance…not so for the common man.

Instead of dabbing in politics , let us put out our points clear.The election violence was the key to Kenya’s coming civil wars.

The New Constitution was not established to create harmony it was created to rise after a coming violent conflict that will justify its existence.

It was created by the past election violence to rectify the coming political violence.

Thus this whole circus of ICC is just being used to divide Kenyans and to so called employ tribal alliances , especially the Kikuyu -Kalenjin alliance which was in enmity at the last election.

However from recent gathering of information, we have seen that the IDP resettlement issue is going to cause violence amongst other communities in Kenya .

The whole point is that Kenya was not a creation of the people of Kenya but the Colonialists and hence the perpetual wars and trouble that will bedevil it.

This has been proven by history where in Uganda civil war and political turmoil was created when two kings were given executive power

The Kabaka ( King in Luganda) crisis is the term given to a period in time(1960s) when there was double tension caused by the double executive positions.. Kabaka Mutesa as President and the Prime Minister Milton Obote also as an co-Executive.This was bound to be explosive, but the British knew what they wer doing and wanted it that way.

IN 1966, the Prime Minister introduced a new Constitution that dismantled the co-executive /regent system and forced the Kabaka to exile after violent eruptions in the country.The Old constitution that was overthrown was only four years old.

40 Years later and Kenya goes into political crisis in 2007 -2008 that send the people to their grave and made the banks stinking rich .To stop the mayhem, two kabakas were placed ..the President Kibaki and Prime Minster Raila Odinga .

Then the old Constitution was replaced by a new Constitution that has done away with two executives and now has one executive.

Hence Kenya is back to where it was in 2007 two rival parties fighting for one executive when the real issues that caused the violence have not been solved and will not .

So the best one can do is really put your hope in Jesus Christ and his kingdom because you cannot put your hope in the leaders of this world who plant injustice and think they will reap justice ??

Just look at how the world is on fire with earthquakes ,wars and floods ..that should be a sure sign to Kenyans that we are in the last days which Jesus said would be days of sorrow .Otherwise Kenya is in DOUBLE JEOPARDY.



1.Why are all the IDPS not being resettled back to where they were ejected from ?

This means the wounds have not healed and there has been no reconciliation if your neighbor has not returned home.Hence the same divisions that caused violence are still there.

2. Why Did PM Raila Odinga meet with President Museveni ? Was it to cover up for the Ugandan mercenaries that were in Kisumu and Nyanza province ?

Prime Minster Raila Odinga of Kenya and President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda during the campaign in Jinja..courtesy daily monitor

3. Why are the churches and foreign diplomats quiet ?

OH , it could be that they gained and were part of the scramble for Kenya during the Post election violence but are good at pretending that they are peace makers.

4. Why is seeking for justice being politicized ?

5.When will Kenyans know that Jesus is the only way to God and salvation from this wicked world ?

We should be waiting for Jesus to do justice and vengeance for all the innocent people who died in the skirmishes, all the IDPS who lost their property and homes , all the people of Kenya that are being oppressed, deceived and being killed by the Antichrist NWO that is working in Kenya.

Jesus will avenge.

Arthur Owiti