The ICC has done it again..obeyed its masters ,the NWO  Elite, by hiding behind a dissenting judgment to let the cases be tried locally.n short whether the Hague or locally justice is  bleak.

Some may call us defeatists for stating facts .A defeatist is one who makes conclusions based on fear and hopelessness.We are making conclusions on a set of facts from God’s word.

What facts ? The facts that the courts  of this world are controlled by the rich of this world because the courts of God are controlled by him.The word of  God is clear that the Antichrist and his elite will control all nations and tribes.This means they will control their riches, laws and customs and economies…Rev 13

ICC is an NWO Elite body to dispense justice according to the NWO Elite’s view of justice .

IT is the same NWO Elite that financed and encouraged the post election violence to rbing a new order in Kenya.Kenya had its “Egypt  ” in 2007-2008.

The so called separation of powers is a camouflage that the courts are separate from the president and that the president is separate from the parliament  .

They feign disunity and opposition when they are reading and implementing the same script.

Justice is enforcement of truth but if the courts will not implement the truth it is because they are being paid by the lies and the lies sustain the system of greed and riches for the Antichrist and his one world government.

The local politicians are puppets of the international politicians  who are puppets of the ANTI CHRIST ELITE. Study this in God’s word and you shall be free.

Arthur Owiti