Since War is Glorified by the Rich Elite , its weapons and power must be preserved even if it is through falsehood and pat-a cake downplaying of the truth about Japan and the disaster of Nuclear Power.

There are some few reason why the Global Elite and their Media is awfully silent or playing down the seriousness of the Nuclear Catastrophe in Japan:

1.They do not want to cause panic..yet that is a lame excuse .Panic is fear about a no existent event.BY telling people the truth you are not causing panic or a fear monger you are telling them the reality.

2.They do not want to face the tough choice of not venturing in atomic energy..they would rather kill their populations because of a nuclear disaster than stop building destructive energy and weapons…the weapons help them get what they want…money and power…You cannot have your cake and eat it.

3. They think that since people have not dropped dead right now , it is not a serious issue…just because we have not seen a drop dead situation does not mean the disaster is minor.People can die in two months to come because of little daily dose of radiation.That is why Total evacuation is safe because you are nowhere near Nuclear radiation.

4.They claim that since Natural Human Radiation exists, Low Nuclear Radiation is not harmful..then they should fill their studios with little Nuclear radiation every day and see if they will be no fatal side effects.

5.They prefer donations to telling people to evacuate …donate to people who have been rescued from the Radiation not people who are in the death pot…it is like give drinking water to someone who is in a burning house and keeping him in the house.

The awful reality that it can happen anywhere thus cause any to leave residential places near nuclear sites is a reality they do not want to reveal to anyone.

Industrialized countries must face these realities or they are headed the same path. America has so many sites and yet can be hit by an earth quake and tsunami like Hurricane Katrina.Such possibilities should not be ignored.

However in a world where WAR IS AN INDUSTRY AND GREED IS LEGAL , Japan’s case will just be another disaster, like Hiroshima, like the Holocaust,

Arthur Owiti