It seems, from the Pope’s interpretation of Jesus day of rage, if Jesus did what he did in the temple in St Peter’s Basillica , The Pope would have arrested Jesus or put him in a metal institution.

THE DAY CAESAR WAS BROUGHT DOWN... A Lady assaults the Pope at Mass.She was later admitted to a mental institution.The same admission would have happened to Jesus for he would surely remove the worship of Money and Caesar in today's churches. courtesy bbc

In our series of Jesus Day of Rage we have seen how Jesus was consumed with zeal because of his love for God to the extent that he used force against those that were defiling the dwelling place of God , the house of prayer , the temple in Jerusalem.However, today we want to examine the Pope’s interpretation that contradicts scripture.

The reason why we are keen on the Pope’s interpretation is because Pope Benedict has released the second volume of his best seller “Jesus of Nazareth”. This is the Pope writing hence “the Vicar of Christ” is telling the world who Christ is (what hogwash).

Anyway , though a very profound topic to write on since believers are to know Jesus Christ and who he is , the book reveals the Pope’s personal beliefs which inevitably become the position of the Catholic Church , his church being the head of all apostate churches in the world.

Our is to state how he views the Cleansing of the Temple , yet not forgetting that Scripture has no private interpretation but for Apostates /Fallen churches private interpretation is the foundation of their doctrines.

Anyone who can read can understand the scriptures and as you read the scriptures with diligent study you will be able to know doctrine and righteousness . Simple as that .No need of Anglican interpretations , Pentecostal Catholic…all those are private interpretations that protect false doctrine.

If the doctrine divides, fix the doctrine .With what ? The Word of God, KJV , THE ONLY Holy Bible IN English.


The Pope said: “The cleansing of the Temple serves as the central proof of this thesis, since it was unambiguously an act of violence that could not have been achieved without violence, even though the evangelists did their best to conceal this. Moreover, the fact that the people hailed Jesus as Son of David and harbinger of the Davidic kingdom is construed as a political statement, and the crucifixion of Jesus by the Romans for claiming to be ‘King of the Jews’ is seen as definitive proof that he was a revolutionary – a Zealot – and that he was executed as such. The cruel consequences of religiously motivated violence are only too evident to us all. Violence does not build up the kingdom of God, the kingdom of humanity. On the contrary, it is a favorite instrument of the Antichrist, however idealistic its religious motivation may be. It serves not humanity, but inhumanity.”

First of all the Pope is not clear about whether Jesus is the Son of David , he creates allegations by saying “the people”.He knows by saying that the word of God calls Jesus the Son of David one is saying that Jesus is a Jew and has Jewish blood.

Secondly the title Son of David is A POLITICAL STATEMENT. A king is a politician because he rules a city or polis .

The city of Jesus the Son of David is Jerusalem .HE SAID IT IN MATTHEW 5

But I say unto you, Swear not at all; neither by heaven; for it is God’s throne:Nor by the earth; for it is his footstool: neither by Jerusalem; for it is the city of the great King.
Matt 5:34-35

So again the Pope cancels the scripture to protect his unholy political power.Jesus Christ is the King of Kings NOT THE POPE WHO CLAIMS TO BE THE vicar of CHRIST HENCE REIGNING FOR Christ ON THE EARTH !

“In the just man exposed to suffering, the memory of the disciples recognized Jesus: zeal for God’s house leads him to the Passion, to the Cross. This is the fundamental transformation that Jesus brought to the theme of zeal-zelos. The ‘zeal’ that would serve God through violence he transformed into the zeal of the Cross. Thus he definitively established the criterion for true zeal – the zeal of self-giving love. This zeal must become the Christian’s goal; it contains the authoritative answer to the question about Jesus’ relation to the Zealot movement.”

Where is it written in the Bible that the zeal Jesus had in the temple was transformed into the zeal of the cross, as if the zeal Jesus had in the temple was NOT GODLY.This is comical .

He is trying to over-interpret this very important scripture because if he reads it in truth , the interpretation is against what his church stands for.

Jesus was not pleased to see business in the temple because business was the work of Caesar..they were using Caesar’s coins at the same time the Temple shekel that was the only coin God called for in his word for temple use.

Yet the Catholic Church was established by Caesar Constantine and is now beg ruled Caesar Popes. Caesar has taken what belonged to God and made it a business .

This is very sad but is the truth and many are going to read this book and believe that Jesus zeal was unscriptural and that Jesus is not a Political Leader, that is a King.THOSE ARE LIES.

It is blasphemy in the name of doctrine yet the world calls this a legitimate authority in interpreting the scriptures ?…hence the depth of deception all over the world.

Arthur Owiti