Abominable NIV version of the Bible is in for an updated version that is ” Gender Inclusive ” this April. I just wonder how Christians can believe and sanction updating God’s word .Apart from that stupidity, the issue of Gender has been an unreasonable thorn in the flesh of these translators.

First of all what should be know is that because of the high number of women in the church the so called church leaders are finding ways to “make them feel at home with God”.They have tried Prosperity, Worship, Self Help and other Joyce Meyer Medications to keep women in church.Now for about 100 years it has been to make God’s word gender sensitive as if God is not Gender Sensitive.

Just because God is HE does not mean he is Anti females.Just because a woman is not given the office of a bishop does not mean she is a second class Christian or second class creature.

Satan is deceived the world into sin and hence bred division between the male and the female as God punished the woman by subjecting her to the rule of the man.

Yet when Jesus died on the Cross he died for both men and women.Both men and women that believe in him have eternal life.

So when it comes to Order in the church and family , the order set by God in the Garden of Eden takes center stage even after Jesus death and resurrection.

Sadly, today’s theologians s for desire to please man and that includes women , to make more money from them by adding and subtracting from God’s word …ABOMINATION.

I think the issue squares down to Doctrine. Women are not taught their true role in the Church and a family as per the scriptures neither are they taught the truth as to why we are in the gender divide we are in today.

These truths are hidden in the name of not hurting a woman’s feelings.

For example Paul the Apostle taught that reason why women should not teach in the church was because Eve was deceived by the Serpent first.For that Paul is labeled by NV translators a Male Chauvinist.

Yet if you read the Bible in ts full context in the book of Titus the older women were told to teach the women on issues concerning their well being and roles

The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, Titus 2:3-4

Yet Paul was stating a fact and truth that we are all to bear .If women and also men accept this fact they will not whine about feeling inferior and men will not feel guilty as they are being made to feel for demeaning women.

The truth of the matter is that NIV and other Bible Translators are being driven by the Feminist and Matriarchal model that is up to fight the Patriarchal Model.


Patriarchal order means where the Male is the dominant figure of society while Matriarchal puts emphasis on the Woman.

Many societies in the world have different orders.Most of the world’s cultures Western culture included,are Patriarchal while the minority like some in West Africa and ASia seem to be Matriarchal but with a Patraichal foundation.

With the rise of single mothers in the world , people are beginning to think fatherless families are trendy and actually not a weakness as the Bible clearly sees the fatherless as oppressed or in need of special care.Trends change but GOd’s word changes not.

.AS we shared last time that Judaism is Patriarchal when it comes to lineage and leading the house , but Matriarchal when it comes to language and religion.

For example Solomon wives changed his religion and so did Ahab’s wife Jezebel .This was why God told the Israelites not to marry strange women who worshiped strange gods.

Yet we find exceptions such as Moses and Joseph who married Egyptian and Ethiopian , yet they did not deviate from worshiping God .

Thus the so called Translators feel that the Patriarchal Order in the Bible has led to the discrimination of women and the suffering of women, so there is a need to translate the word of God in a Matriarchal perspective to protect women from abuse.

THAT IS A LIE.WE should not blame God and his word for the oppression of women.This has come about because of iniquity and sin which Jesus said would increase in the last days.

It is because since Iniquity will abound the majority of men will oppress women until Jesus comes back.The return of Jesus is our hope at the same time the salvation of a man who once he believes , repents from abusing women.

What these translators should do is withdraw their abominable versions stick to the only true translation KJV , the authorized version and start teaching men and women about what God has said concerning their roles for God has already said something about those issues concerning gender.

Yet this was prophesied that Deception will be so steep that it may catch the Elect.One form of deception has been the Translations of the Bible whose original text from which they translate is different from that which the KJV employs.

This is classic deception at work to make sure women do not know what God has said about them and what promises he has laid for them despite the reality that the man is the head of the woman.

Here is the link on the ABOMINABLE GENDER SENSITIVE BIBLE which is actually Gender Insensitive because it denies women to know the truth about who they are with God and without God.

Arthur Owiti