So strange that the city of peace has never seen peace for years .

A bomb blast has gone off in Jerusalem in a crowded bus stop as two crowded buses suffered attacks.Dozens have been injured as one person has been reported dead .PRAY FOR THE PEACE OF JERUSALEM.Remember this is happening after there was an Israeli attack in Gaza.Friends, Global Anti Semitism is rising .

CITY OF PEACE BECOMES CITY OF WAR...Bomb goes off in Jerusalem March 23 2011...courtesy daily telegraph

This news item is important to note in light of what is happening in the world .Remember Gaddafi has just said how the war he is facing is a war against Islam. Why? He is rallying support from the Muslim World as the world begins to question America’s presence in the Coalition campaign as it restore memories of Iraq.

Those event should not be isolated from what is happening in the Middle East .Syria is ON FIRE with forces attackng the Mosque.The Middle East is headed for war.Watch Israel and the Middle East

Israel is the center piece of the endtimes , Jerusalem is the crux of that centerpice.The Crusades of the 110s were about Jerusalem the World War and Two involved Israel hence Jerusalem and so is World War 3

So strange that the city of peace has never seen peace for years .

Satan wants to steal Jerusalem through his Antichrist and False Prophet and he will do anything through his agents t get it .

For your information, the Vatican has title to the religious sites in Jerusalem thanks to the Oslo accords and Fake Peace Process and Fake Justice and Lies ;soon because of the war in the Middle East Jerusalem shall be an international city for the Antichrist and then shall Jesus Christ come and bring deliverance in Jerusalem and from Jerusalem after coming from heaven after the short reign of the Antichrist.

What has happened in Jerusalem is the cause justifying the Two State solution.The Pandora’s box is open guys …. AWAKE AND CHRIST SHALL GIVE YOU LIGHT.

Arthur Owiti

Casualties in Jerusalem bus station blast

An explosion near a bus in West Jerusalem has caused dozens of casualties, Israeli police said.

Scores of ambulances converged on the area near the central bus station and a city conference hall in a Jewish neighbourhood of downtown Jerusalem on Wednesday.

Initial reports said that around 20 people were injured in the attack although the exact number was not known.

Live television showed a bus with broken windows and bloodstains on the pavement. It did not appear from the television pictures that the explosion occurred inside the vehicle.

Bombings have been rare in Jerusalem in the past several years. Palestinians carried out dozens of bombings in the city at the height of an uprising that began in 2000.