Things fall apart; the center cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.- Chinua Achebe…Nigerian Author
…interesting to note that Middle East is the”middle of the world ….Now that the centre or middle is on fire the whole world will be in anarchy.

Since the UN Resolution against Libya , we have are not isolating the events in the Arab world from the Libyan Unrest.They are interconnected and what is happening in Syria is also significant.AS the sleeping world continues to lie, Syria will erupt causing more cracks in the fake Middle East Peace which as always been the Middle East War Process .

People think that UN is omnipresent and can be everywhere all the time.NO WAY .In fact this why Ivory Coast will turn into a gradual blood bath in the midst of all the chaos worldwide because it is calculated genocide where few people die for many weeks hence totaling to thousands.

When one understands that the Middle East is the heart of world international policy , one will understand whey the revolutions are taking place there and will spread to Africa a America and Europe.

Israel is watching is back as Syria burns because Syria would want also to scapegoat Israel.

AS for American military intervention it is inevitable that people are hating America worldwide as the days go by.

Despite Obama’s Global Appeal dissent is brewing in his place of origin Africa.

Many Westernized/Americanized African Christians already ditched Obama hence America thanks to the support of Gay rights.

Now non Religious Africans who tend to be nationalistic and anti- imperialist are ditching him for not attacking Ivory Coast but attacking Libya hence desiring the oil of Libya.

They are already fed up with the African leaders who always eat chicken and drink at never ending conferences on resolving the Ivorian Crisis that always end up with nothing for Ivory Coast as people die away.

What we are seeing is Anti Semitism rising in Africa , a continent where many respected Jews because of their(Africans) belief in the God of Israel.Yet true faith is waning in Africa because of Westernization and Also Anti Westernization and a false gospel and weak Christianity.

The images in Libya paint Imperialism which in the African mind is anathema .Hence anyone who attacks another country is deemed evil.

AS America attacked Libya, Israel attacked Gaza.The Anti Israel talk that rent the air here in Africa was strange and it is scary sign yet prophesied in the word of God when the nations will come against Israel and Jerusalem.

The belief that is being covertly built out there by the International MSM to Africa is that America is evil because it is being used by the Jews to control the world.That belief is enough to stoke hatred as massive as Hitler ‘s hatred and as wide as Stalin’s genocidal expeditions.

Arthur Owiti


Meanwhile take a look at some Jewish Rabbis reaction to the Jerusalem Bus Terror Attack as they rightly foresee trouble in Jerusalem and Israel.

IT seems we are going to have a “Red Sea” experience this Passover ..(remember how Pharaoh was the First Hitler against Jews and how he drowned with his army and how at the beginning there was a legalized infanticide of Jewish boys but God saved Moses)… The Red sea will be Red because of the soon coming Middle East War.

YH night in Holly B. Atsha”a

An information team following the Court’s revival murders by Arabs.

Renewed killings show that there is no so-called Arab “Palestinians” in Israel. Has no choice but to begin operation this population emigration from our country to 22 other Western countries. We call on the countries that created this situation to participate in financing the move to be conducted peacefully.
Specifically targeting the British government is operated in distinct contrast treacherous it received the Mandate for the Land of Israel provided expressly to assist the establishment of a Jewish home in Israel and the Jewish people.
Britain acted specifically to encourage immigration to Israel of many Arabs from neighboring Arab countries on the one hand blocking the way to millions of European Jews to their land and their closure to death by the Nazis.
Many other countries also take some responsibility for creating a “nation” that the essence of being a shadow of the Jewish people in his country.
These countries open their borders to finance the process of these Arabs to repair the distorted behavior toward the Jewish people the right to their land.
Jewish people have every right to take all necessary steps to prevent terrorism from his country to keep out foreign enemies.

Rabbi Prof. Hillel Weiss – Rabbi Dov Stein Speaker –