What are the Young Arabs fighting for ? They are seeking freedom from Monarchism that has long feigned itself under the name of Democracy. A quick run through of the make up of the regimes facing fire from revolutionaries show clearly than Nepotism and Monarchy were the life and blood of these despotic regimes.

History shows time and time again how people hate unjust monarchies but love just monarchies.

The problem however we have is the Ever Present Imperialism that has taken control of Independent States. I believe there are no independent states and the Arab revolutions have just proved that fact.

Most of these States that have suffered rejection and outright rebellion were Western/ American client states , which is a soft word for Western/American Colonies.

Who would ever have thought that Rebellious America that rebelled from the Colonialists , now a Colonialist, have taste of what it did to Britain, by watching their puppets being deposed one by one ?

Hence a summary of the Arab regimes would show that Monarchism which breeds Nepotism is rife.

1. Egypt — President Mubarak, whose son was also being groomed to take over and had government posts.
2. Libya —Muammar Gaddafi and his sons who have top positions in the army and government
3. Syria — Assad took over from his father and has relatives in top positions
4. Saudi Arabia —an overt monarchy
5. Jordan — an overt monarchy
6. Tunisia— Ben Ali’s Monarchy —-the First Family was the First Business Company

When a monarchy relies on its nuclear and extended family to run the political affairs of the country it opens the door for Nepotism which in turn spurs tribalism and Racism.

This is why Saudi Arabia is doomed and so is Jordan.

Monarchy means One –Archy because it is led by One – Man. That is why all democracies in the world with the exception of coalition governments are Monarchist with One man, One signature .One Order rule.

So because they are one there must be one consent and two different views brews dissent which when conceived grows into a foetus of opposition and when born is a rebellion.

Thus a Monarchy builds a very militaristic government by spending a lot on defence because dissent cannot be encouraged.

The problem comes when dissent arises due to sheer oppression and not just conflict of ideas.

This is what is happening in the Arab world and is spelling civil war.
It however is not just an Arab thing but it is a world- wide thing because all world cultures have had governments which have been monarchial in nature.
Britain is trying to hide this reality after it abolished with the House of Lords based on hereditary ties and inheritance. Yet it is natural that for every monarchy, the family benefits.
And for client regimes it was a safe way of ruling for the Colonialists as they would not need to deal with one president who would have new ways and ideas as to dealing with the son or cousin of the former president who would not diverge from the script they gave his father or cousin ;for such a move would reduce or jeopardize the family wealth .

So the Unjust monarchies of the world are going through adjusting for the New World Order. The dominoes have started falling .

Arthur Owiti