I have been dragged into a debate that has divided the church for ages. Since the introduction of Christianity.What is faith ? This question has caused splits upon splits in the church when there should be no splits .

In this series we are going to take a biblical trip through the scriptures and see what the word says.

The early church had two divisions the church of the uncircumcision and the church of the circumcision .Paul led the former and Peter the latter.

However there is confusion by many that Paul was anti-circumcision yet he was against the use of circumcision as a means of salvation.Nonetheless he did not call people to stop doing good works, yet this is what many Christians imply about the faith .

Thus today we have the so called legalists and liberalists in the church .However one must know that Obedience to God’s commandments is NOT LEGALISM.Yet many Grace Christians would say so.

This issue is far from being solved and has been and will be a thorn in the church and soon will know which said belongs to the Antichrist and which one does not.

Paul clearly said that in the last days the children of the flesh will persecute the children of the spirit.
The question is who are those children ?

These and many more questions are shall we endeavor to find some answers not all so as to build our faith in Jesus Christ.


1. What Law was Paul talking about being a curse ? The Law of man or Law of God..commandments of men or commandments of God ?

2.Was Paul anti -Law when Jesus sad that he came not to destroy the Law ?

3. Were both Paul (faith alone) and James(faith with works) reading from the same score sheet ?

4.Why is it that Christians who say they are under grace and not works, get judgmental when you do not attend their church on Sunday …or is Sunday a Grace day ?

5. Is Faith Liberty to Love or Liberty to sin ?

6.What works was Paul talking about …Circumcision or the Obligations to the Moral Law

and much more . WE pray that we divide the word of God rightly as we study on just what we are required of the Lord .

Arthur Owiti