With unrest stirring the Arab world one cannot leave out the spiritual dimension to the matter.Middle East consist of Israel surrounded by her Arab neighbors who have vowed enmity.Assad’s statement today says it all. Global Antisemitism , tick.

As usual he has scapegoated Israel and used the people’s  aspirations of love for the Palestinians to “support their rallies of dignity-that the Syrians were marching for Palestine.

This connecting of the dots to target Israel is spelling war and it is not so far.The Arab world has been undergoing realignment that will make it think it is a formidable force to fight Israel and USA .US will fall but Israel will be saved.

Security Forces come against Poor Israeli Settlers...The Lord will avenge for the False Peace


In the Old testament times there was no Islam yet these people fought each other and the enmity was strong with countries like Jordan, Philistia, Moab and Ammon laughing at Israel whenever calamity came on her.

Though God was punishing Israel he did not leave out punishing the neighbors that laughed at her calamity an d also punished them for the same.

Now the neighbors are still the same but NOW they have Islam which sadly calls for Antisemitism because according to Islam God has rejected Israel since they refused to do “his will”.

So in the past there was Ethnic hatred but now it is both Ethnic Hatred sanctified with Religion.THE MIX IS POTENT.THE RESULTS CATASTROPHIC AS THE BIBLE HAS CLEARLY PREDICTED.

What is happening in Libya where numerous nations are determining  the destiny of one country is a foreshadow of what will happen to Israel when the nations come against her .

However ours is to pray for her as she faces opposition as Christians knowing that the Gospel did not eliminate the election of Israel (will share on this later)

Here is a song  we did two years ago a musical rendition of Psalms 83.

Arthur Owiti


Assad clings to power: ‘We stopped American-Israeli plot
JPOST.COM STAFF http://www.jpost.com/MiddleEast/Article.aspx?id=214433

03/30/2011 13:58

Syrian president says Deraa “is in forefront in confronting Israeli enemy,” mentions “internal and foreign” factors in demonstrations; Assad takes on sole responsibility for stability in Syria.

Syrian President Bashar Assad clung to power after protests, saying he is responsible for keeping stability, in a Wednesday speech to his parliament.

“I am speaking to you at an extraordinary moment,” Assad said, “it is a test of our unity. These tests repeat themselves due to plots threatening our homeland.”

Assad, widely expected to speak about reforms, including abolishing the emergency law that has been in place in Syria for nearly fifty years, did not mention any actual changes in existent laws. He assured his people that security forces “would not attack protesters.”

The Syrian president’s began his nearly half-hour speech to chants of “We defend you with our blood, life,” and was occasionally interrupted by chants from different members of parliament, such as one who called out “you are steadfast, generous to the poor and good people defend us with strength, the free people you have heard them, we are with you, at the time, everywhere, the people is with you, God is with you.”

Speaking on the events and people of Deraa, where some of the bloodiest protests have taken place, Assad said that though Deraa “is not in the heart of Syria it is in the hearts of Syrians,” adding that the border city “is in the forefront in confronting the Israeli enemy and defending the nation.”

“No one can be defending and conspiring at the same time,” he said, “this cannot happen. The people of Deraa do not have any responsibility in what has happened. We are all with Deraa.”

“There is a plot to break Syria apart,” Assad claimed. “It began with incitement on the internet and on Facebook, and moved on to the media and the street. We were able to stop the American-Israeli plot.”

“Whoever is part of the Syrian nation always stands tall,” Assad added. “Our enemies act every day in an organized and public matter in order to harm Syria.”

Assad said the protesters are “smart in their timing, but stupid by choosing a country that will not be defeated by any step.”

The Syrian president mentioned more than once a mixture of “internal and foreign” factors influencing the protests, alluded to what he called the “domino effect” pursued by the “past administration in the United States,” adding that the former US president’s intentions backfired and had the “opposite effect” in the region.

“What has happened so far only strengthens Syria,” he said, adding that “Syrian people are peaceful but will not hesitate to defend their causes and principles if the must.”