Prosperity Gospel is Dead.Political Christianity is alive . The so called Revival all over the world are being fanned and funded by Dominionists Ministries with the leaders of this movement being guys like C Wagner, Rick Joyner, John Eckhardt ,just to name a few.The teachings of these people have been galvanized in the hearts of many Educated African Christians.

The Revival that they are engineering to sweep through African Universities whose students are majorly Christian is not Biblical but Pharisee Christianity.A Christianity that existed in Victorian Britain.BEWARE YOUNG PEOPLE.

This is coming up because of the great financial collapse and stress that is escalating in Africa thanks to the American Recession and the death of the US Dollar.

Such a collapse means no jobs for the youth and hence wasted resources in investing in years on end education.The only thing they can now promise the youth to blind them form the evil cabal of the Antichrist is that they need supernatural power .

This form of Christianity creates Pharisee Christianity that was the form of Christianity brought to Africa from Victorian Britain.

Africa according to my understanding is under the Victorian Age Britain experienced during the reign of Queen Victoria.


Victorian Britain was a time in British history where pomp and glory spelled the British kingdom to nations around the world.Britain was the superpower with her unstoppable conquests east, west , north and south.

Yet this time Britain was at her of Christian Society.Before the death of active Christianity Victorian Christianity was the fuel that burnt the flames of British Pride.

Yet it was a broken society with grinding poverty due to industrialization that led to an exodus of Brits to the colonies as the remaining population struggled for the little they could get.

However for the Christian Middle Class, life was fair as they tried to live as Christians subjects of a Christian Empire.Yet this was done amidst hypocrisy and later on dead physical methods to improve one’s spiritual life.

It was in Victorian Christian Britain that women were circumcised to reduce the ‘sin of masturbation ” .It was during this time that anti-sodomy laws were since as Holy Christian edicts.In short it was Pharisee Christianity where holier than thou people punish the less holy as if they were not sinners in conquering lands and shedding blood in the colonies.

In the end Britain went to war in many of her colonies and lost her supreme superpower position though she is still Imperial and the greatest empire having aid the foundation for USA.


Jesus aptly taught that for one to enter God’s kingdom there righteousness has to exceed the righteous of the Pharisees.The Pharisees were holier than thou and always despised people who were known to be sinners .Actually they did not mind killing them a s seen in the case of the woman whom Jesus forgave and saved from being stoned by the self righteous.

This is because the Pharisees measured righteousness according to their traditions and not the word of God.YOU were made holy because of what you do for God and not what God has done to you because of your faith in him.

So the religion became too” ruly” and the rules unholy..that is not of God but of men’s creations.This made the religious life very burdensome and fake because man was just living out what another one told him to do and not what God has said .

In Victorian Britain you find the Christian schools and institutions having numerous rules and strict codes of conduct that made children grow in absolute fear and terror in the name of discipline.Survival for the fittest.


British colonies swallowed all that the Empire taught them like water and out up the same structures and teachings in schools and churches .The effect was the same and today the Prosperity Gospel gave a small but drastic break to the Victorian Christianity that was very strong in East Africa .

However because of the GLOBAL ECONOMIC DEPRESSION, the Prosperity Gospel has become fruitless .Many Christians have been attending churches to improve their lives but life is getting harder and more dry on money.

They plant seeds for promotion and better life but their wages remain the same if not reduce .The Prosperity pastors have been caught with their pants down.What they promised the people has not come.

IN quick response Dominionism and Political Christianity is being offered as a solution.Churches are now blaming the trouble on sinners ruling or sinners in the land.

Yes its very true that sin is causing all these judgments to come upon the land.However it is very wrong for Christians to rise up and say that they are the ones to rectify it by occupying the positions of political power and ruling the world before Jesus comes.

We shall rectify it with Jesus Christ when he returns .Jesus has to come and the dead that believe in him have to rise from the dead for Christians to rule politically .For now we have to wait for him despite the great wicked rule of those who do not believe in Jesus .

So African Christianity is throwing away bad prosperity gospel to employ a worse gospel called Dominionism and it is this gospel that will lead Christians Evangelicals and Charismatics to kill many people in the name of bringing holiness in the land because they will equate prosperity with holiness therefore remove the unholy to bring prosperity.Yet David prophesied that even the wicked prosper !

This false gospel has found the answer to prosperity to be Politics which means Laws.If we have Christian Politicians, Christian will succeed and be rich and get jobs and hence prosperity will come.

The excuse for your seed not giving you your mansion here on earth or your Lexus will be because prostitutes are walking on the streets or thieves .

When the reality is Jesus DID NOT SAY that the last days BE DAYS OF PROSPERITY BUT OF DECEPTION AND SORROW.

Jesus promised eternal inheritance which will be eternal prosperity when his kingdom is set up after the Antichrist kingdom NOT before .

Arthur Owiti