Do not be deceived a mango seed produces mango fruits.The so called Knights that were set up for the Catholic church remain the property of the Catholic church no matter what Rick Joyner says about Knights of Malta in his defence of being part of the group he has called it a Christian Order .

WRONG : IT IS A CATHOLIC ORDER.Rick Joyner is not Catholic he is an Evangelical ..Welcome to the world, the Evangelical Church is part of Pax Romana by having pastors that are slaves to Rome.

RICK JOYNER CALLS CATHOLIC ORDER KNIGHTS OF MALTA A CHRISTIAN ORDER ?? WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE ? ..PHOTO OF Pastor Rick JOtney of Morning STar MInstries wearing Knights of Mlata regalia...courtesy discerning the world blog

Even Presidents are Knights of the POPE..Former President Thabo Mbeki is a Knight of Malta...courtesy

Mandela is also a Knight of Malta, A Slave of Papal Rome ..courtesy

Ladies are also subject to Rome, Queen Elizabeth a Dame of Malta ..courtesy vaticanassassins


Actually Western Christians have been poisoned bye many pastors into believing that the Western Lifestyle or worldview is Judeo Christian. WRONG.

Western Culture and system is Judeo -Catholic .What they did is actually replacement theology and politics and economics(copied and pasted and edited the Torah) .The system of government in the Old Testament was reconstructed and modified with European ideas and then baptized it as Judeo Christian when it was Catholic Dogma and not the Bible that inspired Christian Europe and is the foundation of Christian Europe’ s theology minus Russian states

Well they called it Judeo Christian because it assumed that Christianity just borrowed some Old Testament features but borrowed New Testament features and on this basis the West was created.

Yet the West (Europe ) before Christianity was as pagan as Africa ! They worshiped idols like the Incas.

So Historians wrongly assert that the West became Judeo Christian .NO it became Judeo Catholic because it was Roman Catholic dogma that dominated Europe and not Sound Doctrine from the Bible.

So beware of Pastors that are calling the West back to Judeo Christian roots . YOU ARE GOING BACK TO ROME IF YOU HEAD THAT WAY.


1. It would NOT celebrate Easter and Christmas, Sunday because these are PAGAN HOLYDAYS not CHRISTIAN OR JUDEO for that matter.

2.It would not have Rome as the Capital of its Judeo Christianity… but it is and guess what the Pope is the PATRIARCH OF THE WEST…that is one of his official of titles.

3. THE WESTERN LEADERSHIP ( HITLER INCLUDED) WOULD NOT HAVE MURDERED JEWS IN THE NAME OF CHRISTIANITY but they did because at that time they did not consider themselves Judeo Christian but Christians.

Judeo Christian is a false construct that is being used to create war amongst Muslims and Christians to bring about their new world religion out of chaos.BEWARE. IT IS JUDEO CATHOLIC.THEREFORE KNIGHTS OF MALTA IS NOT A CHRISTIAN ORDER BUT A CATHOLIC ORDER ..KNIGHTS OF THE POPE.

God bless you

Arthur Owiti