It is interesting to note that South Africa has been included in the BRIC superpower bloc.These nations know something we do not know…AMERICA AND THE WEST IS GONE, THE EAST HAS RISEN.

Why South Africa and not Egypt ?Well Egypt was a quasi Economic Tiger because it only makes money through Tourism.South Africa is RICH IN MINERALS.

South Africa has been NWO BEFORE ANY COUNTRY IN AFRICA BECAUSE OF ITS RICH RESOURCES .it does not have water but it has precious stones and uranium and as Cecil Rhodes knew the road to Egypt (Africa as a whole) starts from South Africa.

A look at the BRICS Nation shows you that Sycnretism has been appreciated ..Brazil is Catholic , Russia is Orthodox , China and India are Asiatic religions and South Africa is Western Christian and Traditional African Religious.

The Former powers were Protestant and Catholic , America and Europe are in the doldrums of Economic Chaos and with their companies leaving home for cheap labor in Africa Asia and South America, the West is stagnating and dying.

If America has not been invited to the party , the message is we do not need America because it has outlived its usefulness.Chilling reality that empires one day have to fall.



World’s politicians and economists are focused on the third meeting of BRICS leaders that will be held on April 14 in China’s Hainan province since it will be the first meeting of the leaders after South Africa joined with the four other countries that form the group of emerging economic powerhouses.

However, the great meeting was not born amid a flourishing age in the world. On the contrary, upheavals and various disasters are testing the world’s people now.

At the very beginning of this year, countries in West Asia and North Africa suddenly fell into instability, and the crises there have not yet abated.

Helpful methods are needed to maintain stability in these countries, such as Libya. However, Western countries, led by the United States and France, organized a collation and rudely interfered in Libya’s civil affairs.

However, such interference did not make things better. Instead, it impacted world’s energy supply to a certain extent, such as the recent price increase of crude oil, which could bring a negative effect to the development of the world’s economy.

At the same time, Japan was badly hit by an earthquake and tsunami last month, which partially broke its production chain and negatively influenced the economies of other countries.

Furthermore, the nuclear materials in Japan’s Fukushima have been discharged into the air and sea, and that will definitely bring negative effects to both local and global ecosystems as well as damage Japan’s economical development and international image.

Regarding the intense situations of international energy and economy, the leaders of BRICS countries will convene and figure out some effective measures to stabilize self-development of the economy as well as strengthen cooperation. Since the population, economy and development speed of the five countries accounts for a very large proportion, stable development in these countries must promote the steady of the world.

Steady development within the BRICS countries, which have benefited from economic growth, will create a good environment for these countries to promote comprehensive reforms.

At the same time, although the economies of BRICS countries are growing rapidly, the combined average development level is still limited due to their large population. Besides, these countries are still wanting in basic abilities and accumulations. So, it requires stable political situations to make ensure comprehensive development. This fact is very important to the current world.

Objectively, the stability of BRICS nations, both in terms of economy and politics, not only ensures the safety and development of Asian, African, Latin American and European people, but also means a lot for stabilizing world’s situation.

Both current abilities and future potential of BRICS countries will make them play a much more important role in the world and allow them to set examples for other developing countries. Apart from that, they will also offer a huge outsourcing and exporting market.

However, BRICS countries are still developing countries, and their modernization is not yet complete. At the same time, conflicts of balancing development and various tensions exist in these countries. Therefore, they cherish peace much more and try their best to remain stable.

Despite the helpful opportunities brought by BRICS countries to global development, some Western countries remain the same overly critical attitude toward them and even attempt to spread the chaos in Middle East into BRICS countries and challenge their current legal systems.

But such attempt is useless and not good for both BRICS countries and Western countries. Amid current era of globalization, developing countries and developed countries have already been bonded tighter tightly. Therefore, the stable politics of BRICS countries as representatives of developing countries must make great contribution to world’s prosperity and steady directly.

Currently, international society needs unity and more cooperation through dialogues, and thus we can make progress together. With BRICS countries intensifying their efforts to enhance their abilities, they will make more contributions to human society and offer more opportunities for the whole world.

By Wang Hanlu People’s Daily Online