Are churches purely religious ? Well, that is what some Christians in China have been made to believe but it is a wrong assertion.This error should be rectified with the scriptures .Churches are political economic and religious.

This has come up due to the tough persecution Chinese Christians especially Evangelicals face in their home country.
The church that has been impounded in China has vowed to continue meeting despite the crackdown.Is that not a political reaction ?

Thus a church is political , economic and religious.The dissection is a farce for when God gave the Law to Israel it covered economics, politics and religion.


The word church is a congregation of people an assembly of people .Many think that this word only applies to the New Testament because it came into being after Jesus had ascended .But we find Jesus using that word before his death meaning such a body existed before the New Testament .

In that context also Stephen calls the Israelite who journeyed in the wilderness ‘church’

So when people congregate and share on the Word of God they make up a church irrespective of where they meet.

In fact the right name for church buildings today should be temples because the difference between a temple and church/synagogue is the altar.

Thus understand that Catholic dogma brought Replacement theology that replaced the altar of Jerusalem with their so called church altars .Now Protestants and Pentecostals and host of them have also replaced the altar in Jerusalem with their man made altars.

Pagans are the ones who have many altars , but Israel , Jews, have one altar in Jerusalem at the temple mount.Jesus said Salvation if of the Jews in John 4. KEEP YOUR EYES ON JERUSALEM.


The church is a political body because it has a political head called a King .That King is Jesus Christ who reigns over all the earth.His Word is his Royal Law of Love and Liberty and Christians adhere to it to know how to please him even though he has saved them by justification of faith and not works.

Politics also  involves administration of the affairs of the members and discipline.This is why the Early Church on the onset of the New Testament had elders , a   political ruling class that was also part of the civic government of Israel in the Old Testament.The Apostles were the overseers of these elders and deacons and bishops.

In fact, unfortunately , the Catholic Church is the only one that has understood that politics , religion and economics are one, because in the early church they saw it that way and hence could deal with their issues without interference from outside governments.However, they use it more for negative ends than positive.

Now the Evangelical church is also trying to employ the Apostolic succession Lie to bring order in the church than have Government authorities intervening.

Yet the Catholic Church and her whore protestant daughters have the worldly kings as the replacement of King Jesus, making them antichrist.

Then the word of God talks about politics .It is filled with conspiracies, rebellions , wars and just political leaders .

Who can then say that the church is not political when the scriptures have political admonishments like pay taxes , obey God more than man ?

A CHURCH IS AN ECONOMIC BODY …big difference from being a business (profit making)

The Early church collected money from the saints and distributed it to the poor saints .They had daily distribution of food to widows and the fatherless and even had ladies who would deceive that they are widows or widows who could be taken care of by rich believing relatives.

What the church is not is a Business .They do not trade the things of God but use money to give to the poor and weak and also to the minsters ,not out of coercion but out of honour.

This is in stark contrast to what is happening today .Churches coerce members to pay money and tithes not for the poor but for the minsters because Liberal giving is not that fruitful to forced giving.The pastors are now CEOs.And the people love the coercion think that they can tithe out of love when do not tithe (Levitical practice) in the Melchizedek Order we are in.


The Antichrist government and rule will be short but brutal and it will arrest Christians for being tax evaders, political rebels because that is what they will be .How can a Christian accept to join what the Word of God has declared to be Satan’s government unless he doesn’t believe the word of God?

So if you want to remain in the Lord Jesus please prepare to bear testimony against the Antichrist rulers and be prepared for charges of treason and tax evasion .The Beast Economics will deny you food hence starve you to death if you do not have the mark.Yet God will protect his children just as he did to Noah, Israel and Daniel

The only time one will not give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar is the Antichrist time because Caesar will ask for what does not belong to him, your life ,owning it with his mark.

God Bless You,

Arthur Owiti


Chinese Shouwang church vows to hold more services
By Michael Bristow BBC News, Beijing

An unofficial Chinese church says it will continue to hold outdoor services, despite pressure from the authorities.

Police officers detained more than 100 members of Shouwang Protestant church when they tried to hold an open-air service in Beijing on Sunday.

Church leaders say the organisation is purely religious – and has nothing to do with politics or human rights.

But it appears to have been caught up in a wider crackdown on dissent in China.

This latest incident comes at a time when the Chinese authorities appear to be putting pressure on all kinds of real and potential opposition to the government.

Dozens of lawyers, activists and bloggers have been detained or faced other forms of police investigation.

‘Purely religious’

The Shouwang church, which has about 1,000 members, has faced difficulties in finding a permanent meeting place. Until last month worshippers met in a restaurant.

The church said three attempts to rent a new venue had been blocked – and it blamed the government for interfering.

A statement from Shouwang’s governing committee made it clear that the church was determined to keep meeting outside.

“The church’s position remains unchanged. We will continue to gather outdoors until the Lord shows us the way,” it said.

But church leaders sought to reassure officials that it posed no threat to public security.

“Shouwang’s gathering last Sunday, and future outdoor services, are purely religious activities,” said the note from the church.

“They have nothing to do at all with politics or some people’s rights activities.”

More than 100 people are believed to have been taken away when they tried to gather for a service in the Zhongguancun district of Beijing on Sunday.

Some church leaders were still under house arrest, according to one of the congregation.

The government has not commented on its actions, although the state-controlled news service Xinhua released a statement from the official Protestant church late on Monday.

It quoted Cai Kui, head of the Beijing committee of Three-Self Patriotic Movement of Protestant Churches, as saying Christians should be both good followers of God and good citizens.

“The love for the country does not conflict with the love for religion,” said Mr Cai, according to Xinhua.

He called on Christians to contribute to “national and social stability and unity”.

China has tens of millions of Christians – both Protestants and Catholics – although the exact figures are difficult to determine.

Some worship in government-approved churches, others prefer to attend unofficial gatherings, known as “house churches”.

The authorities often tolerate these house churches, although there is often interference.