This week God willing ,we are going through the history of the King James Bible and how it is connected to the Anglican Jihad against the Catholic church, Western Christian flags of British colonies and the birth of Christian America and how it has survived years of vilification, perversion through the so called false 200 VERSIONS OF THE ENGLISH BIBLE that do nothing but pervert the words of the Holy God of Israel and our Lord Jesus Christ.

by Arthur Owiti

The weekend worldwide chaos and destruction and wedding drama/hangover made many forget about the 400 year anniversary of the only Holy bible in English :THE KING JAMES VERSION BIBLE.

The anniversary was celebrated yesterday May 2nd 2011.This is very significant.

First of all, the King James Version is not holy because it is written in Shakespeare’s English or because it was authorized by a good King such as  King James VI.

It is the holy bible because God purposed it to be for he promised that HIS WORD WILL ENDURE FOREVER .Jesus confirmed this by saying that man shall not live , BUT BY EVERY WORD THAT PROCEEDETH FROM THE MOUTH OF GOD.

The bible contains words that  from  God and hence every word had to be preserved they way God wanted it to be.The only bible in English that did this was the King James Bible.It is a miracle that had to happen.


It is only the King James version that does not overturn the verse that teaches how to know the spirit of God , 1 John 4:1-2

by stating clearly Jesus Christ is come in the flesh.The other false versions state Jesus Christ has come in the flesh , denying Jesus both his deity and his humanity at the same time !!

Secondly, when you read Rom 12 , the famous passage read at the Royal wedding , the King James version calls our offering of our bodies unto God as a living sacrifice , A REASONABLE SERVICE.

The rest of the other versions call it SPIRITUAL .Under the influence of Satan, they want to blind people that worship is not a reasonable act or connected with reason but with the spirit part alone.Spirit for them means liberty and no subjection to any authority.

Worshiping God is both logical and emotional and involves reasoning and our service to God is based on many reasons which are found in the Word of God.Faith is the EVIDENCE of things not seen. Evidence means facts and reasons are derived from facts.

Yet when you denigrate worship to “just spirit” which Paul did not say it was (he said it is a reasonable service ) you are saying that worship of God is not based on reason , the Word of God being the source of reason, but based on feelings, air and spirits.

The Holy Spirit is the spirit of truth and truth is THE OXYGEN OF REASON…the goal of all reasoning is truth. John17:17 is clear that God ‘s word is truth.God’s word has been written down by holy men .

So spirit and reason are one when we are grounded in faith in Jesus Christ.The Holy Spirit is the one that teaches and comforts us ,teaching being a reasonable/logical work and comfort an emotional work ,all works from God.

So  truth is only preserved in English in  the King James bible.


The Royal Wedding has allowed us to delve into British history which is crucial in understanding the institution of Christianity in the world.It is so interesting that the same Royal Household is forsaking so rich a Christian heritage for traditions of men.The same Royal Household that gave the world the bible.

How did this bible come about ?

Well, England was at war with the Pope when he denied King Henry VIII a leeway for divorce from Queen Catherine who was from the Spanish Royal family.

The “reason” for the divorce was that King Henry VIII wanted a son and Catherine did not give him.However the other real reason was that King Henry  had an affair and this gave the Pope excuse to deny King Henry , the defender of Catholic faith , divorce.

King Henry VIII got angry and through his wits created the Church of England by Law which made him the Head of the Church and married under the new English  pope called the Archbishop of Canterbury.

THIS WAS ANGLICAN JIHAD .King Henry ceased all the property of the Catholic church and also executed Catholic sympathizers such as the famous Sir Thomas More who believed he died for preserving God’s word when he actually died for preserving the Pope and Roman Catholicism

Anyway, England declared holy war against Catholicism , and from that time till King James VI England was at religious war between Anglicanism and Catholicism


Well one has to understand that Roman Catholicism is Political  just as Religion is HAS ALWAYS BEEN AND WILL BE .

So The Pope knew he had lost a colony called England .He could not lose it without a fight.Through Catholic monarchs like Queen Mary , he tried to gain back his colony called England.

Queen Elizabeth reigned after Bloody Mary had killed Protestants and Anglicans in the name of reinstalling Catholic Religion.

Queen Elizabeth brought such order in England that England prospered beyond her borders .She also fully utilized the Anglican Church as the State church .She replaced the statue of virgin Mary in the now Anglicized Catholic cathedrals with herself-from the Queen of Heaven to the Queen of England/Israel as it was unofficially known to be.

However, after she died ,her cousin James of Scotland ruled England and it is under his reign Britain was called Great.


Britain is called Great because King James VI joined England to the other Celtic states such as Scotland and Ireland.At that time there was war with Scotland and England but peace was restored and more prosperity came ot Engalnd whenKing James VI made this union.

If you take a look at the flag of Great Britain you will see

1. THE FERVENCY OF WESTERN CHRISTIAN SYMBOLISM….. Crosses…. St George’s cross  St Andrew’s Cross and St Patrick’s Cross

2.THE COLORS OF CELTIC PATRIOTISM …. Red color came from England and blue meant Scotland

Angeleterre means England, Ecosse means Scotland,Irlande means Ireland, in French.... The English flag has St George's cross, the Scottish flag has St Andrew's Cross, and the Irish Cross has St Patrick's cross..courtesy anglophile

More proof that America, Australia and New Zealand and Scotland are nothing but COLONIES OF UK.God willing we shall delve into the crucial issue of flags,crosses and religion…why your country IS NOT SECULAR STATE BUT OWNED BY THE POPE, especially Western countries(The Pope is the Patriarch of the West FYI)

For America , they do not have the crosses but the colours of the crosses and their background , blue, red and white .America is still a Britsh colony , do not forget that.

So this union of greatness came from King James VI who then ordered in 1604 godly order in the church as Christianity in England was facing tumultuous times .He rightly knew that this was so  because of the lack of one source of God’s word.

54 scholars were chosen under the King’s commandment to translate God’s holy word .They did it with care and precsison with most of them filled with awe and fear at the task laid before them.


to be continued.