After a brief perusal of the works of William Miller of the Great Disappointment and Harold Camping of May 21 Rapture, we have noticed some stark differences yet striking similarities between the two despite the century gap.They all claim looking for Jesus and an imminent m rapture.The findings are phenomenal.

William Miller of the 1800s was an ex-Baptist ex- Freemason, who after studying about the End times was convinced that Jesus would probably return in 1843.

William Miller used the Bible teachings of Daniel to get his date of 1843, the most profound being the date when Ezra returned to Jerusalem in 457 BC.With this date he added Daniel calculations of 2300 days which led to 1843.

After getting that calculation, all he did  was  get significant historic events and years that correspond with the other numbers of Daniel and John.Thus the year the Papacy was formed and dissolved in Europe were calculated to mean the 1260 days which were years under his day means years principle.

1843 became a disappointment so was 1844 that Miller , though still believed in an imminent return of Jesus Christ, left active church ministry till 1849 when he died.However his teaching created the SDAs and Jehovah’s Witnesses and had links with the Mormons.

One should note that in this period Freemasonry activity was very high in Christianity because of the number of followers Freemasonry was gaining .Next time will analyze the spread of Freemasonry and Jesuits in churches and its effect on theology.

Yet one must remember that Miller’s SDAs are right about the Papacy being an Antichrist entity and that Sunday is not the Sabbath.However they fall into the trap of salvation by works .

Now 130 years later Harold Camping comes into the scene with Family Radio( a name derived from the the theology of his former church Christian Reformed Church which believes in Family Salvation and fellowship and most of Calvin’s teachings , not to forget that they  rightly believe salvation is by grace.


Though Harold Camping does not claim Freemasonry, he is mum about them and their significance in the Antichrist War against the saints.Yet a look at his former church and one finds Freemasonry symbolism just as one finds Freemasonry symbolism in Miller’s  SDA church logo .

Former Mason Miller’s SDA -Look at the logo having one pair of 3 stripes which when joined form 2 triangles each therefore 6 sides.A triangle is an occultic symbol together with the cross…we shall share about crosses later on.

Former CRC Harold Camping attended a church that also has occultic symbolism that church claims to reject Freemasonry.... occultic triangle bound to cross of Christian Reformed Church-COUNT THE NO OF TRIANGLES..THERE ARE SIX


Now one may defend Harold Camping on the issue of his End-time teachings which do not delve into any political or economic theories, concluding that he writes like the Apostles Paul and Peter who never wrote or taught basing on what some call natural wisdom..newspapers and Media, but wrote based on the Word of God.

Thus Camping is amongst the very few whose Eschatology is Apolitical .Yet he ignores the fact that Paul clearly stated that in the last days there will be a the revelation of the Man of sin before the revelation of Jesus Christ.

Miller confronted this by calling the Papacy Antichrist but for Camping there is no literal physical man of sin.Soon he will be saying that there is no literal physical Jesus Christ.

So one should watch all signs , political, spiritual and economic , because Jesus mentioned about these signs;like armies surrounding Jerusalem, that is more of political than spiritual.So do not get trapped in spritualising knowledge..Wisdom from God covers all aspects of life and is not ignorant about earthly things ;Spiritual Wisdom is not ignorant of earthly things.

Thus Camping uses Israel’s political establishment as benchmark for his calculations so I guess you cannot run away from Politics ,huh ?


Well, a read through Harold Camping’s literature, shows a big difference from Miller’s work that was a bit not as organized as Camping’s.

However one is tempted to say and is right to conclude that in terms of calculations Camping and Miller are saying more or less the same thing.

Both cling on Ezra’s return of 457 BC as the time from which one should calculate the seventy weeks of Daniel.

Yet for Camping, he manages to calculate the date of the creation thus relying more on Noah than Daniel for mathematical justification.Daniel’s math only helps to set the date of Christ crucifixion as AD 33 which Miller also says .

So below is a chart which shows the similarities and differences between Miller and Camping.

The question is not who is right because Jesus said many will say there know where Christ is , yet will be lying.The question is always be ready when you see the signs Jesus prophesied about .

Jesus does not want your possessions so it makes no sense selling them away or you quitting your job .In fact, Jesus said that when he comes one who is working will be left and the other worker will be taken.Thus despite all the upheavals normal life will go on until his return.

Thus we should be daily watching based on the word of God and the thief will not overtake us but find us awake.

WILLIAM  MILLER  OF 1844….1782-1849 HAROLD CAMPING OF 2011…1921-
Relates Bible Prophecy to Historical Events and Current Affairs Strictly employs Biblical History with little or no reference to Current Politics , Economics yet acknowledges that Scientists should submit to God for their science to make sense
Calls the Papacy the Antichrist Antichrist  is in all the Local Churches
Believed he  Lived in Laodicean  Age 1798-1844..45 years Does not specifically claim Laodecia but says the Tares are amongst the Wheat in the church
Amillenial…. Anti – Rev 20, which says there will be a 1000 year reign of Christ on earth ;rather he  is confused about Rev 20 and 1000 year reign Therefore not close to John’s Apocalyptic teachings Amillenial – Anti-John rev 20.Is  not confused about his Anti Rev 20 stance.Relies on Peter’s Apocalyptic teaching. Camping is not close to John’s Apocalyptic teachings..
457BC …2300 days to the end 457— 490 years to Christ’s crucifixion
End of Daniel’s seventy weeks at crucifixion AD 33 End of half of the seventieth week  in AD 33 at the crucifixion
1260 years  to  538 AD to 1798..formation of Papacy and dissolution in 1798 by Napoleon 1260 years refers to the years from the early church ,when the church is in the wilderness preaching the gospel and being persecuted.According to him the church is in the wilderness until the rapture
Literal Second coming of Christ Literal  Disappearance of Christians ,mum about the Lord’s visible and physical descent
Prophecies have a historical fulfillment..historic events confirm the spiritual time. Prophecies have more of a spiritual fulfillment than a historical fulfillment.Historic events are spiritualized
According  to him,  his goal was 1843 -1844….a strange comet was cited during that year According to him  his goal is 2011…Comet Elenin has been cited and said to be prominent in 2011,said to cause havoc in the world
NO internet Yes Internet… I believe after his dates,the Internet will come under strict control in the name of protecting people from cults.
Sacrifices mentioned in Daniel are Pagan and Papal rites in the churches today Sacrifices ended at the cross
Daniel’s Sanctuary is the church  Daniel’s Sanctuary and the Temple  is Jesus Christ and the Church
  Daniel’s  62 weeks end in  AD 26 Daniel’s 62 weeks end in AD  29
Daniel ‘s 7weeks  was 49 YEARS of building Jerusalem by Ezra and Nehemiah WILLIAM MILLER  OF 1844 Daniel’s  7 weeks Ezra brings the  law to Jerusalem and governs it with Nehemiah  HAROLD CAMPING OF 2011
2300 + 457= 1843 7000 + 11013= 2011
The Seventieth Week  is divided into two-John’s ministry of three and half years  and Jesus ministry of three and half years The Seventieth Week is divided in to Christ’s Ministry in the first half which was approximately three years ; the second half is the Antichrist’s work which is approximately from the early church to the present and with the church age ending in 1988
MILLER FIXED DATES such as March 21 1843- March 21 1844 then April 18 1844,  October 1844,though he was reluctant at first to have them..only found the year significantMILLER HAD THE WHOLE OF AMERICA IN HIS HANDS 1844 Camping had September 6 1994 , and now has May 21 2011, with the new earth and hew heaven coming on October 21 2011HAROLD CAMPING HAS THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS MAY 21 2011
National following that led to  Seventh Day Adventism, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Advent Christians , now an proximate number of 40 million in 150 years Global following of 200 million  in 40 years of ministry …technology has accelerated the global reach of any message , true or false
Miller was a former Freemason (left in 1831), SDA Ellen White had Freemason connections and Jehovah’s Witnesses founder William Russel was a Freemason ..Illuminati Church Founders Camping has not officially declared that he is a freemason but a look at his doctrines and you will find that he does not mention Freemason control of world affairs nor even the Jesuits and the Vatican..he protects these Antichrist entities only focusing on churches
Taught that Jesus was Archangel Michael  Does not teach that Jesus is Archangel Michael 

Well, take time to study the scriptures about the End times and most of all do what Jesus,the prophets of old and the apostles said we should do in these last days.

Arthur Owiti




Harold Camping missed miserably by ignoring the book of Daniel the same book the so called “NO ONE KNOWS THE DAY OR THE HOUR CHRISTIANS ” miss.

Daniel gives the day of Jesus return as the 1335 day.

And I heard, but I understood not: then said I, O my Lord, what shall be the end of these things?
And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.
 Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.
And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days.
 Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days. Daniel 12:8-13

.This is in sync with what Jesus said that when we see the abomination of desolation we shall know that the end is nigh

When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:) Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains: Matt 24:15-16

So the main events are

1.The setting up the daily sacrifice

2.The Taking Away of the Daily Sacrifice

3.The Setting up of The Image that causes the Abomination that leads to desolation…involve s invasion of Jerusalem to take it completely for the Antichrist

All these events are to take place in Jerusalem at the temple mount where God’s altar is.

The Jews will set up their old altar or praying time at Jerusalem the Temple Mount where they are not allowed to do such a thing right now .Then the Antichrist will stop the prayer or sacrifice and then set up his image to be worshipped or prayers to him and then the 666 system of worship and economics to be put out to all people .

As per Daniel the sacrifice will be stopped at the 1260 day just in time for the witnesses to stop prophesying as per Rev 11; the Image that leads to desolation will be set up on the 1290 day and hence 45 days of being killed for not taking the mark of the beast

Those who refuse will be killed until the 1335 day when Jesus will return just as Daniel was told to be at the 1335 day

So keep your eyes on Jerusalem as you have already heard how President Obama is slowly but surely taking his strides there for Rome and Britain and Islam.

War then Antichrist Peace to allow for prayer at the mount which he will stop through His False Prophet and set up teh 666 system and then Jesus comes to destroy the Anthchrist and False Prophet.

Stay strong in the word , preach and do the Gospel and be ready and sober, our redemption draws nigh .

Arthur Owiti

audio for this can be found here