As we have seen clearly, the King James translators took their work seriously without desiring any monetary gain. The whole work was a public work and service .This is why it was done in the name of the King . The King was a public figure and thus the King’s seal was borne on the Bible making it a royal document .

If you have an Authorized KJV  the “authority” is vested in the crest of the King  hence the picture of the Royal crest in the Bible.

Remember , King James HAD JUST JOINED England and Scotland, and Wales was already part of England. So a good look at the crest shows you that the Scottish Crest was joined to the English Crest.

The KJV bible was to be read officially in all churches as people did not have to rely on Rome for the word of God.


One should not forget that England IS A ROMAN CATHOLIC COLONY. We say this with vigour because the Roman Catholic Church is still in existence.

Yet, England politically  ceded from Rome through the English Reformation which instituted the Anglican church or Church of England with the King and not the Pope , as the head of the Church.

Basically England just replaced the authority in the Church and threw away some detestable practices such as worshiping of Mary and called it the Anglican Church.

Yet with the institution of the King James Bible was written to bring order amongst the squabbling theologians and churches ,  people still  had issues and this is where the rise of Puritanism came about in England first and not America.

The most visible effect of the cessation was the colonization of North America by King James VI . In 1606  British colonists traveled by sea all the way to  Virginia having been blessed by King James VI. In 1907 they founded their first colony and called the town Jamestown, after King James VI.

King James VI action of colonization was just a copy cat of  what the Pope had done since the Crusades – COLONIZE THE WORLD.

And parts of America were also being explored by the Catholic Empire through the Portuguese explorers . This is why South America is a Catholic Continent while North America was granted Protestant/Anglican  Coverage but with the Catholic Wing lurking behind the shadows.

The British went   into North America and either befriended or massacred the Red Indians who were the original inhabitants of that land.

The British Puritans put up settlements such as the infamous Salem as they saw America as their New Israel after having left Old Israel United Kingdom.

Little did they know that the Freemasons followed right behind their  tails and actually arose against the King through the infamous American Revolution and War of Independence.

On paper, the Americans , Anglo-Saxon , won and were free to govern their affairs. However, the  reality was , the King of England made a deal with the leaders of government to ensure that he still gets his emoluments from his colony. How can one talk of independence in such a case ??

Nonetheless, the Catholic Colors of The Catholic Saints whose crosses were used in the Catholic Crusades against Jews and Muslims appear on the flag of the United States of America which colors adorn the British Union Jack.

The Red Cross belongs to St George , the White X Cross to St Andrew , The Red X Cross St Patrick---making of saints is a Catholic tradition even though picked up by other denominations, the early sainst were created by Uk is under Patron saints that were ednorsed by Rome not Canterbury

LET THE CATHOLIC CRUSADER SAINTS FLY- THE COLORS OF THE CRUSADES AND CELTIC STATES WHICH THE SAINTS REPRESENT ADORN THE FLAGS OF BRITAIN'S COLONIES, New Zealand at the top left followed by Australia at the top right and USA at the bottom left with the Colonized Colonialist Britain

In fact the name America is derived from a Portuguese Catholic explorer  called Amerigo.So the Vatican Octopus has enough tentacles on USA.


God allowed colonization which in its spread brought to all the word of God , yet he did not ever leave the colonizer unpunished if he strayed from his ways or his will. Every Colonizer falls down in the end  yet their interests are still present if it does not die away.

This is why we still call Britain a colony because the Papal Monarch, the colonizer is still in existence ..1500 years of existence and according  to the Catholic church they are the church of Jesus Christ hence they say they are 2000 years old.

This is why we call America a British Colony  because the 1000 year British Moarch, the colonizer is still in existence.So the hierarchy is as follows  :

The Church  crowns the King the King creates Superpower State of States , the Head of  the Superpower State controls other States/ Nations

                                                                            ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH




However one should note that the Roman Church and English church are in CO-Regency where the Roman Church, though powerful , calls the whole world to respect the British Monarch .

So much for translating the Bible , King James, who conquered America together with the Pope , was an instrument used by God to make sure that all get the word of God.

God knew that England would conquer the whole world that is why the KJV translators sat down and translated the bible at a time when only 6 percent of the world’s population spoke English.Now it is the international mother tongue of nations.

Read the KJV knowing that we have the word of God because promised to preserve his words which are LIFE AND SPIRIT.

Arthur Owiti