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Pride arrogance, violence and a lack of mercy. These are all hallmarks of Lucifer and his kingdoms. The end of such as our Lord made clear, is too terrible to comprehend.– from Watsons Web

Finally Dr Kizza Besigye has found room to travel back home after a day of blockage that was later regretted by Kenya Airways.It was an embarrassing moment for Kenya and a tragic day for Uganda as their nation is being divided day by day.Yet this has not stalled the heavily secured swearing in of President Museveni who is set to continue and extend to 3 decades of ruling Uganda with a fourth term in office.

Our problem is not that he is President. The man came in and did all he could for Uganda that was ravaged by political chaos which he managed to cool down.

Our problem is that these Presidents lie on oath (and they swear with the bible ) that they will serve the people interests when they actually serve the  interests of their puppet masters.


1.African Presidents are Colonial Secretaries of their Puppet Master Colonialist Monarchs, Governments and Churches

These leaders are puppets and you must know that a puppet does not come before the puppet master ; it cannot move without the puppet master.The Colonialists are still alive therefore their interests are still alive. Independence is nothing but a drug that makes the people feel high but the reality is the Colonialists just went far away and told the African leaders to”OCCUPY TILL I COME”

MUGABE IS PUPPET OF ROME….May 2011 ,President Mugabe with his wife as the arrive Rome for the Benediction of Pope John Paul II.What Does the Roman Catholic Church say about his rule where people are forced to be members of his party or face starvation if they do not have a party id card ? NOTHING and it is called a” Church”, Followers of Christ ?


Forget the fact that there are Dictators , the Puppet Masters will do anything in this world to do away with anyone whom they know will not obey their interest but will look at the plight of the people .Which President in the world has done such  and lived? What happened to JF Kennedy or Lumumba or Gandhi ?

The issue of president is crucial because he is the one that makes the laws by signing to those laws .He is the one that steers the country as per the interests of the people and the his interests for the people which are validated by the people’s interests.

Look at Uganda ‘s war in Somalia.Uganda is veing used by USA , Ugandan troops are dying for rich men abroad .This is why the terror attacks in Kampala were staged to justify Uganda’s presence in Somalia .

It would be a different story if Uganda was attacked before it was in Somalia.But the attack took place after its expedition in Somalia because people were questioning the presence of the army in Somalia.So American, British, Russian Arabian, Catholic, Freemason Interests first , then Museveni’s, Kabaka of Buganda, Rich Men in Uganda,  interests then Uganda’s Interests last leads to a dead ineffective government.


Basically this a trend all over the world .America has Bush’ son and father being Presidents ,  the Clinton couple of Bill and Hilary serving in the Executive in a country where there over 100 million potential leaders .And America is the world’s leading democracy ?

The Arab world is in chaos because Monarchies are in power instead of Democracies. Syria ‘s Executive is filled with family members of Assad and Assad himself inherited his father’ throne of presidency. Mubarak and Ben Ali’s family were in the driving seat of the government and its money.

In Africa , Uhuru Kenyatta gets a smooth ride to power because “his father was president “and not that he has a good democratic governance vision.Muhoozi , President Museveni’s Son is in charge of a military unit in the Government as who -a qualified soldier who has served for long or the son of the Commander in chief ?

This is just to show you that you ARE NOT IN A DEMOCRACY BUT A MONARCHY– ONE MAN RULE WITH HIS FAMILY AND FRIENDS.Blood is safer than water and it is true .Then let people be told that we are in monarchies rather than be deceived that they are in democracies.

If we can be deceived on that we can be deceived on anything.
What we do know is that injustice grows from a government that is built on lies .If it was not so Christians would never be preaching about Christ’s return because there would be no need for him to come since all would be well.Let us endure the Global Antichrist colonization until Jesus sets up his kingdom of truth and peace ,because for now we are living in alie ,sham democracies and sham presidents .

Arthur Owiti



Ugandan opposition leader Besigye heads home

NAIROBI (Reuters) – Ugandan opposition leader Kizza Besigye left Kenya on a flight for home on Thursday, 24 hours after being barred from making the journey.

His return to Uganda coincides with President Yoweri Museveni being sworn in for a fourth term after winning an election in February in which Besigye was his closest opponent.