Last time we said that we should watch Saudi Arabia play with fuel prices because of the Israel issue.Indeed the Arab revolutions are working for and against Israel as Israel’s enemies are in chaos but the revolts are also Anti Israel-  they have led to the fuel spike with world prices at almost 120 dollars per barrel. Prepare for more because if Syria collapses and the West venture in there,  Iran will be next and with the tensions rising there in the political class hence riots, we may see fuel hit 200 dollars a barrell.Tough times but do not fear, just prepare and endure in Christ Jesus.

The verdict is in . Kenya’s Oil Companies and the Government are smiling all the way to the bank as the people mourn their way to their houses.Where there is a winner , there is loser .Just a look at the price history of the fuel prices since January 2011 shows you how the rich elite love chaotic times because hat is when they make massive profits.

DECEMBER—— 94.03 Kenya shillings

JANUARY —–  About 96 Kshs

FEBRUARY —– 98.08 Kshs

MARCH——  102. 44 Kshs

APRIL —–  105 Kshs

MAY——  111 Kshs

A 20 shilling leap hence a 20 shilling increase or more in commodities .Do you think someone will reduce prices all the way back to 94 shillings before the Arab revolutions began ? Not in a million.

Now the revolutions have not stopped and are spreading, this means prices are in trouble .It is time to manage finances very wisely as the standard of life will reduce as food scarcity is on the rise.

So the catch is the elite are getting more money out of the people’s misery .Please not that the Arab revolutions are up and about because they began when their food prices were very high and life was unbearable .We are yet to reach that stage but that is the NWO plan.

Stay in the Word to Endure these Days

Arthur Owiti