A Pastor presides over Wilkerson's Memorial Service--- If these guys are not venerating the dead in the church , why is the late Pastor's Photo or Graven Image present.... Evangelicals are not going to Rome , they are already there ...courtesy Christian Post


We are  saddened by the untimely death of Pastor David Wilkerson who was  valiant in preaching repentance and the Gospel of Jesus Christ .He rightly preached doom and gloom to the world of sin because that is what it will get for its sins.Yet he also preached God’s love shown through Jesus Christ in his death and resurrection.He was prophetic as per biblical standards-That is my view, but God is the Judge and will have the final say over his life.

However I think he would not be happy with the so called Memorial service held for him.I may be wrong in terms of what would make him happy because  he may have held memorial services for many other people, even after he said one time  how held funeral services for many drug addicts and others.

This is my contention: Evangelicals are praying for the dead !!! Where is the hope ? Why mourn like the world ?

This so called Memorial service is not biblical as we stated that it is communication with the dead .How do we sit in a prayer service which is focused on praising a dead man ?

To make matters worse this is not before his burial but after his burial.Was the funeral not enough ?

Of course Wilkerson may be with the Lord meaning he is not dead per se , but as far as we are in the physical world we are not to have spiritual contact with the dead , righteous or evil especially after burial.

The only physical person we contact is Jesus Christ who is God the Son. This is because he is physically alive with a glorified body .

The Evangelical is now a Wing of the Roman Catholic Church where dead saints are remembered  and honoured.Wait and see Evangelicals making an anniversary out his death as if he will not resurrect, being a believer.

There is no difference to the Roman  Catholic Custom of remembering Saint Catherine’s day on April 29 and Pastor Wilkerson because both of them are dead in terms not being physically present in this world.

We only honor those who are physically present and alive hence we worship Jesus who is Alive yet not resent in his bodily appearance.

Oh , Rome has sucked in the Evangelical Church to the point of oblivion.


1. When did Pastor Wilkerson Die ? April 27 2011

2.When was he buried ? Monday May 2 2011

3.When did they hold a memorial for him ? Saturday May 14 2011

Believers let us not mourn as if we have no hope , like the world mourns. We have hope of resurrection unto life eternal.Memorial services only diminish that hope and lead to veneration of the dead which is witchcraft .

Arthur Owiti