St Patrick's Cross --Though Irish Nationalists do not hold that this is St Patrick's CRoss as they believe it is a British Construct which then means it is a Roman Catholic Construct yet Ireland is majorly Catholic ...

The Red Cross belongs to St George , the White X Cross to St Andrew , The Red X Cross St Patrick—making of saints is a Catholic tradition even though picked up by either denominations, the early saints were created by UK  is under Patron saints that were endorsed by Rome not Canterbury

Queen Elizabeth has courageously visited Ireland despite threats on her life through bomb scares and threats.This shows how deeply emotive the idea of Nationalism is in Ireland.Yet there is an interesting “spiritual” aspect …honouring the dead Irish heroes instead of reconciling with the living. The Head of the Church of England is honouring the dead.

Honoring the dead is a  custom for non Christians NOT Christians.This is just a repeat of what was in Rome when Pope Benedict XVI exhumed the dead corpse of Pope John Paul II to honor him.Pastor Wilkerson also dead, was honored in America.

Why this custom  is gaining preeminence in Christendom and Evangelical circles and has stayed on for centuries I do not know.It must be the mystery of inquity the antichrist spirit.For Jesus said that God is the God of the Living not of the dead.

 I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob?  God is not the
God of the dead, but of the living. Matt 22:32

This Custom is not Christian but is being done by people who claim Christianity- beware.It is possible to communicate to the dead but God calls it witchcraft, A SIN.


As usual the Occult numbers come into play as the last visit to Ireland by a Queen was 111 years ago when Queen Victoria visited the once Famine Devastated Ireland.111..2011

Ireland joined England ‘s United Kingdom in 1801 , 210 years ago.

Yet the most interesting bit of all is that Queen Elizabeth will visit St Patrick’s Rock at the conclusion of her historic trip.

St Patrick’s Rock is a Castle in mid Ireland that is steeped in deep history.It was the seat of the Kings of Munster before the land was invaded by Normans. Thus it was called the seat of Kings.This is why it also goes by the name Cashel of Kings.

The myth surrounding the place the Queen will visit is that St Patrick banished the Devil out of a cave and a Rock from that cave landed where the Castle is built.

One should not forget that the British Monarch has traditions steeped in pagan religion and mythology just as African Monarchs.Only that those customs have been draped with Christian words and verses and Catholic Dogma.

Thus to some the Queen’s visit is just a political visit or a boring way to spend British tax payers money.But to Monarchs and secret societies , secret meanings cloud their visits to “historic sites”.


For example here in Africa rocks are considered to be the ancestors .Of course, that could be because of rocks ,hills stones and mountains signify time.Some places   in Africa are the definition of the word stone or rocks (hills mts) such as Jinja , Luanda and even Rwanda which is a morphing of Luanda.Uganda is called the Pearl of Africa due to hear beauty..a Pearl is a Precious Stone . Kenya is the name of Mount (big stone)  Kenya Kirinyaga . More interesting , the royals and some African elite “visit ” , especially Jinja(Rock) which is at the source of the Nile.More on that later on.

God is called Rock of Ages …Actually Rocks and Mountains survived the flood of Noah meaning they are the pieces of nature which are true remains of Adam and Eve’s world.

In fact God told the Israelites not to build him an altar made with stones shaped by iron tools but natural stones signifying his craftsmanship.

Thus these castles in Europe get haunted and eerie because of the belief of reincarnation by the ancestors of old who dwell in those stones.For that people visit this places to get supernatural  power and strength from the ages .

Queen Elizabeth is visiting quite a lot of death spots and is concluding her visit at St Patrick’s  Rock which though is a seat of Kings of Ireland whom she has gone to honor , the place is also littered with the blood of many Kings and priests that died there in the wars of conquest.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, lays a wreath in the Garden of Remembrance in Dublin, Tuesday May 17, 2011


Tuesday —-Laid a wreath at Garden of Rememberance ..Death Spot

Wednesday—Lay a wreath Irish War Memorial…. Death Spot -Honoring Dead Irish Soldiers of World War 1 .Visits Croke Park  Stadium….Death spot where Irish Citizens died during  the War of Independence 1920

Thursday—- horse breeding grounds..the only living spot to be visited

Friday—— St Patrick’s Rock— Death Spot of Irish Confederate Soldiers and Roman Catholic Priests in 1647

(It is as if she is on a trip asking for forgiveness from the dead for British Bloodshed)

Arthur Owiti


Tuesday 17 May: Visit to the official residence of the Irish president, Mary McAleese and tree planting ceremony. Wreath laying ceremony at the Garden of Remembrance and visit to Trinity College to view the Book of Kells.

Wednesday 18 May: Tour of the Guinness Storehouse; visit the Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, at Government Buildings, wreath laying ceremony at the Irish War Memorial Garden; Croke Park stadium to meet Gaelic Athletic Association; state dinner at Dublin Castle.

Thursday 19 May: Visit to National Stud at Kildare.

Friday 20 May: Tour of St. Patrick’s Rock, Cashel and the English Market and Tyndall Institute, Cork.