In what seems to be a case of laughing best by laughing last, President Medvedev has made it clear that Russia will not support any UN resolutions calling for force against the Syrian Government.Instead Russia calls for other countries to let Syria solve its own problems.Russia makes it stamp against her so called allies ,but why ?

Russia is a darling to “renegade states “for its consistent stand of non intervention in the affairs of a sovereign State .Even the Libyan case , many were shocked that Russia stood idly by .Yet Russia actually abstained from a resolution that called for use of force against Libya.

Russia loves to play the white sheep out of the black sheep yet her weapons are being employed against civilians in these so called revolutions.

Are  we seeing the return of Tsar Nicholas draped in KGB uniform because Russia , the home of one of the greatest revolutions of all time is seeing no revolution in Libya or Syria .It sees Western Interference .

The issue is not just about revolutions but it is about tilting the power struggle in the UN Security Council.

Russia is rising to replace America ‘s tilting ability at the Security Council Table .

The fact that USA is not the USA of old ,it means its role as peace-maker is  wanting.Even with her mighty weaponry , the Mighty Debt is making USA appear easy prey for her jealous competitors.

Where there is economic turmoil there has to be political turmoil and this is what is happening  more in America than Russia.


The Security Council was first created out of the ashes of World War II .It consisted of the Victors of World War II

But amongst the victors there was hate USA versus Russia .Russia now has a buddy to aid in that hate , China thus the Security Council is a divided house because how can the 5 vetoing powers of the council have divided loyalty-nothing will move.

The Council is faltering as USA falters tilting the table to Russia’s side .The true sign of USA ‘s faltering is the use of the NATO camouflage in the Libyan Intervention .USA is not leading in a” humanitarian intervention” ..strange cover up 1

Yet do not forget that Medvedev met with the CEO of the United Nations early this year. I believe the CEO was giving a nod to Russia , blessing Russia’s rise in shaping International Policy. America , step over Jesuit Rome is in love with Judas Russia.

EAST MEETS WEST--- Russian President Medvedev with Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican February 2011.Notice how the Pope knows what to wear --St Nicholas Costume , Santa Claus.. St Nicholas a Greek Christian who is venerated by both Catholic and Orthodox churches , to the extent that Russian Tsars bore his name..The Pope represents the Catholic Church of the West as Medvedev represents the Orthodox Church of the East .In this meeting the Pope stressed the need to promote their "shared Christian values"

Or you do not think Papa is not the CEO of the UN and Security Council and Gaddafi and Assad’s Boss ? Maybe this will say it all.

HIS GOT THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS...Pope Benedict "blesses" the UN.. fathers bless their sons because they are aproduct of their loins..it seems UN is a product of Jesuit Vatican .

Arthur Owiti