Harold Camping has finally expressed his views and feelings on the failed rapture event of May 21 st. He is flabbergasted that judgment day did not take place on Saturday and that millions did not die because of a global  earthquake. Harold Camping has kept mum on whether he is sorry for deceiving the world.

Camping held no interview asking for time to digest the happenings as it is a very big deal.

A CASE OF SELF DECEPTION ?/ Harold Camping on Sunday ..Flabbergasted by His own Prophecy

The truth is Harold Camping ate more than he could swallow .People really believed him .There are many who have predicted things of such magnitude but  noone pays attention to them.

That is why it would be strange to arrest Camping  for something that wholly lies on those who followed him who had a chance to ignore him.


However , it is not strange to do so in Africa . In September 2006 , House of Yahweh predicted that the world would end on September 12 2006 .

He claimed that on that day there would be a nuclear holocaust.It never happened however the followers of that American sect in Kenya had built bunkers to prepare for that day and also warned Kenyans to prepare.

The American leader was not arrested for the prophecy but the Kenyan leader of this American Sect as charged with causing fear and alarm and was given a two year probation of silence.HE WAS CHARGED IN A SECULAR COURT !

HOUSE OF YAHWEH--Yisrail Hawkins of House of Yahweh,America predicted Nuclear Disaster in 2006 marking the End of the World.It did not happen, he was not arrested for the prediction .But his Kenyan Disciple who was leader of the sect Eleazar Kamotho Mugwe , was arrested for causing panic and alarm for Yisrail's prophecy.Yet Mugwe just told Kenyans what his fellowship believed and they built their own underground bunker .Why did Kenyan authoritiies arrest such ? The Folly of arresting people over predictions that fail to happen. They should start arresting meteorologists, insurance companies ,presidents who also make projections that do or do not happen

So preaching about End times here in Africa is next to fire as if what your teaching is deemed fearful you will be apprehended.Harold should thank God for America or maybe not.


ARRESTED FOR BEING A CAMPING DISCIPLE ... Mr Simiyu of Bungoma Western Kenya was arrested for selling his property, hence subjecting his family, seen below , to suffering in preparation for May 21 . We do not think it right to sell property because as long as Jesus comes you will leave it behind if you are a believer .However I question the arrest of this Christian.First of all he was arrested before May 21 ..what if it actually happened that people were raptured ? What would the police say , won't they also follow his example ? This shows you the idleness existing in a Police State where EndtIme believers are more criminal than Wicked Politicians that have stolen public land and walk scot free

America is soon going the way of countries like Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Zimbabwe ,which are basically Fascist Religious States under the wings of Hitler’s Nazi rule.Religion will be controlled to the tee.

In these  African countries the so called British Witchcraft Act is still in force terming such a person a witch.And thanks to 9/11 there also have Anti Terrorism Acts that deem people who cause terror hence fear for religious reasons, terrorists. One ancient law and one modern law to be used against believers.

The so called Anti Camping Churches and Atheists are  not going to rest to see the likes of Camping put to book.

However at the same time Apocalypse is not big business in Africa like it is in America that is why Harold Camping will not see a prison cell as long as the banksters are growing fat because of Apocalypto Street.


A look at the number of  Hal Lindseys and Tim Lahayes in the Alternative Media sites that preach NWO and Endtimes is proof beyond a shadow of doubt of the Commercialization of Religion in America.

It is because of End Time teachings that many have created bunkers beyond the word bunker .This is not just what people do but the governments of  this world do.It  is no secret that America as secret bunkers under the White House and other military installations .

With the Bible truly predicting Nuclear war and disasters why not build bunkers . One company that is smiling to the bank is Vivos.

Underground Suites to shield you from the Apocalypse going at above 20,000 us dollars

It is building underground bunkers with State of the art lounges and swimming pools to fit the luxury of any mansion on earth.

Moreover , some are building underground condors that can detect ballistic weapons prompting people to head down the condor for protection.The structure being built of steel and concrete is sure an underground bulwark that cannot be moved by nuclear disasters on the ground.

Underground Condor made of Steel and Concrete---It is Underground Real Estate for You American Style preparing for a World Apocalypse

The whole issue of Apocalypse is bigger than Harold Camping.His failed prophecy has not deterred people from believing that the world is coming to an end .The news we see everyday testifies to that chilling future .

As far as this world is still spinning , Apocalypse is Apocalypse – it scares people to the point of being courageous to deny its  happening .

You would rather be ready for what is coming than wish it away .

Arthur Owiti


Rapture Prophet Harold Camping’s ‘Really Tough Weekend’

Harold Camping emerged from his Alameda, California home yesterday to face reporters for the first time since the Rapture that never happened. Wearing a light jacket and speaking over chirping birds, Camping told the San Francisco Chronicle he was “flabbergasted” that the world did not end on Saturday. “I’m looking for answers,” he told the reporter. “But now I have nothing else to say. I’ll be back to work Monday and will say more then.” Camping followers are similarly perplexed. “I don’t think I am going to stop listening to him,” one  man added, heaving a deep sigh before continuing: “I don’t know, I gotta listen to him on Monday, see what he says on the radio.

“Somewhat bewildered” and “mystified is how Camping’s wife described her husband, before he finally emerged from his home yesterday afternoon. The International Business Times managed to capture Camping on camera, refusing to surrender any more than a few words and promising. “Give me a day, no interviews at all today — sorry,” Camping said. “You know this is a big deal, big deal, and I’ve got to live with it and I’ve got to think it out. So no interview.”

Camping’s relative silence since Saturday’s anti-climactic continuation of life on Earth weighs heavy on his followers’ confidence. Robert Fitzpatrick, the 60 year-old retired New York transit worker who spent $140,000 on billboards for the coming apocalypse, responded with bewilderment as well. “I can’t tell you what I feel right now,” he told a crowd of reporters and tourists in Times Square Saturday evening. “I haven’t understood it correctly because I’m still here.”

At least one person may benefit from Camping’s failure. As we pointed out last week, author and would-be Doomsday prophet Tim Lahaye is next in line to announce his prediction for the end of the world.

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