UPDATEDVery Interesting that when President Obama went to Ireland the winds were very high in Ireland . Not knowing that these high winds were headed to his mother’s home which is near Missouri where the same winds that had hindered his stay in Ireland caused havoc and death in near his mum’s home, the country he rules.God speaks to Kings , he is speaking to Obama about Israel like he spoke to Pharaoh about Israel.

OBAMA SAYS  BLOOD   IS  THICKER  THAN  WATER — “US And Ireland Are Linked By Blood”

In what is seen as a “tribute” to his maternal ancestors, President Obama praised the US -Irish links saying that Irish Americans have heavily contributed to American Life.This was a” thank you trip” a theme that will resonate in all the European countries he will visit ,especially thanking East Europeans for leaving Russia.

US President Barack Obama (L) holds an Irish hurling stick given to him by Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny

Why Ireland ?.Already half of all American Presidents have Irish roots , yet the Irish began to immigrate to America  en masse in 1800s.

Well there is a Blood Linkage with USA and Ireland  but interestingly some Irish musicians, the Corrigan Brothers also sing about the Irish -African Linkage with the name Obama rhyming with other Irish names with O’ prefix.


This is common with Celtic names such as O’ Hara  in Ireland and Mac- Donald in Scotland which rhyme with Arap – Moi in Kenya and Ole – Ntimama and Wa -Kimani, African tribes  . The prefix was the Son of  or signifying gender .

This is similar again with Semites ,Jews and Arabs who use ben-Jamin and bin- Laden .

The same appears in German names such van-Goth, der -Klerk .However English name tend to put the word son at the end of the name Robin-son, Clark-son .

Geographical similarities are that Ireland and Celtic land such as Scotland and England is filled with rock formations similar to those found in Obama’s paternal ancestors home

Rocks in Rocky and Hilly Ireland home of Obama's maternal ancestors

Rocky and Hilly Western Kenya ,home of Obama's Paternal ancestors

Religious similarities , Irish people in the past had Celtic religion that worshiped the sun which was also present in African religions that venerated the sun.The Celtic Cross is a cross with the Sun signifying life similar to the Ankh of Egypt which also signified life.

Celtic Cross in Ireland --this has the Sun encircling the Cross to depict Life..in the Catholic Church they substituted the sun with the image of a man, hence the man is considered the sun god

This shows how all cultures are connected as the Bible prophesied that they were one at Babel under the NEW WORLD OF NIMROD .They of all skin colours and features were building a gigantic structure to the heavens.God mixed up the people by confusing the language.

It seems the languages were mixed up  but the cultures and structures were in similar form in some cases or similarity would just show one family

Paul the apostle put it clearly that the world ‘s races have one red blood

Acts 17:26
And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the
face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and
the bounds of their habitation

Yet this concept of one blood has been hijaced by the NWO to create their one wolrd without Jesus Christ and his Word.


Irish Ancestry happens to be at number 2 in America after German Ancestry showing how the Irish really left their homeland in droves to America .But what was America ?

America was a special land mass stretching from North to South and filled with Indian tribes .This to explorers was such a new place because the world they were from was one large land mass connecting Africa to Europe and Asia to Europe.The West was unknown.

This led them to call America the New World because it was a new large land mass they had found .

Next thing you know this idea was encrypted in the US Dollar as the Novus Seculours Ordo .Meaning the New World Order.America was the New World and they were going to rule it differently from the rest of the world.

This New Rule has now been adopted by all nations of the world evidenced by the Bill of Rights and Written Constitutions.

And still sticking on the New World , by new world it means new continent of nations hence the reason and truth that America is a country of Immigrants .

And by example it has led all nations to become countries of immigrants , new cultural Babylons or babels where all cultures are mixing and fighting at the same time.

Africa is a continent of Immigrants yet racist African leaders still call an African a black person or as is now happening in America , an American, by some is being deemed a White person.

India is teeming with all races in the cities as China is hosting many immigrants from Africa as we have all seen how Libya is causing an Immigrant Crisis in Europe.This melting pot will soon turn into an exploding pot with the current Economic crisis .

Yet in these last days those Christians who are in Christ Jesus will fellowship and join with Christians of all races living together with locals in their home countries, calling on the Lord Jesus as we endure the harsh suffering and chaos  of today’s world.

It is a lovely sight when An American, a Kenyan an Indian a Libyan and Chinese all call on the name of Jesus Christ and trust in him and wait for his soon return.

Arthur Owiti