UPDATED Very Interesting that when President Obama went to Ireland the winds were very high in Ireland . Not knowing that these high winds were headed to his mother’s home which is near Missouri where the same winds that had hindered his stay in Ireland caused havoc and death in near his mum’s home, the country he rules.

Again this coincides with the Volcanic Ash from Iceland .This is the second time President Obama has been hindered by it.Last year he wanted to visit Indonesia , his other ancestral home.The Volcanic Ash popped up and he could not go.

This year it interrupted most of the travel in Europe on his way to his Irish and British Ancestors …. Coincidence or Message ? God speaks to Kings , he could be speaking to Obama about Israel like he spoke to Pharaoh about Israel.



President Obama is in Britain on an official State visit yet not forgetting his maternal ancestry which is also traced in Britain.This trip is a “thank you “trip that speaks volumes of the nature of the relationship between America and Britain.Britain still owns America.Britain is America’s mother .

The basis of such a statement is simply based on the fact that one is independent when the one whom the depended on is not near them or has no effect on them. As long as the Colonizer is still alive , the colony is not dead .

However the NWO Media makes it look like that Britain and America are sisters with USA the bigger sister . The truth is Britain is the Mother but tries to act young to look like her daughter hence hiding her power.


In his speech at the banquet, President Obama clearly revealed that a Monarchy is above a Republic simply because the ruler rules for life while Presidents have term limits.This is solid proof that Britain has a louder say than America in anything.


President Obama–I must say though, this dinner is a humbling reminder of the fleeting nature of presidencies and primeministerships .Your Majesty’s reign has spurned about a dozen of each and counting that makes you both a living a witness to the power of our alliance and the Chief Source of its resilience.


However, with sheer subtlety the British Monarch keeps behind the scenes hiding its real power and rule over the world.

Again at the same event ,Queen Elizabeth spilled the beans in her speech when she said that Britain and USA are in charge of the security of their citizens and the world.When Britain and USA say it is war time is war time .

Queen Elizabeth gives a speech at a dinner in honour of President Obama--- She spills the beans about who is in charge of global security and global economy.... this is what she said "and our two nations contribute to the security and prosperity of our peoples and of the world through shared national interests"

She spills the beans about who is in charge of global security and global economy…. this is what she said “and our two nations contribute to the security and prosperity of our peoples and of the world through shared national interests

Many Britons and others are akin to believe that the British Monarch has diminished in power especially after the declaration of independence by their colonies and World War 2 : WRONG.

The British Monarch under the reign of Queen Elizabeth II is the most powerful so far recorded in the annals of British History. Why ?

1. Under Queen Victoria Britain officially became an Empire rivaling the Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church . Thus the monarchs acquired the titles of Emperor or Empress showing Global Monarchy not Local Monarchy.

2. It is under Queen Elizabeth II that Britain kept her colonies hence her empire under the biblical term Commonwealth of Nations.

3. Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family are the only Monarchs in British History so far to own large expanses of land abroad thanks to colonization.Hence they are the richest monarchy in the world

4. Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family are the only monarch in British History to visit their colonies .When did Queen Victoria take a trip all over her Empire .She had a title of Empress but did not utilize it .Not so for Queen Elizabeth
who does not use that title directly but has utilized it to the full with her travels to over 80 colonies worldwide.

5. Under Queen Elizabeth’s reign English has become the international mother tongue of the world in all offices and state functions ..and people are still looking for a one world government ?

The list is endless but the principle one that Britain is ruling the nations through their colony USA .Yet their rule is in co- regency with the Religious Empire called the Roman Catholic Church , thus Papal Monarchy.

Remember Britain is a Roman Catholic colony .The colors of the flag of Britain and America  ,which are the colors of Catholic Saints- blue red and white and their crosses,  say it all.

St George of the Red Cross is Red and St Andrew of the White X Cross is Blue and White .These colors adorn many Western Countries who do not know that they are adorning crusader colours on behalf of Rome

When America and NATO go to war they carry on their backs the British Royals and Papal Monarchy.

DIFFERENT TITLES , DIFFERENT POSTS BUT ONE MASTER AND MISSION ..Prime Minister Cameron of UK and President Obama USA puppets of one script, one string and puppet master

The significance of President Obama’s trip to Britain is a very loud statement  that should not be ignored . Britain is the only nation in the world called Great and President  Obama’s visit says why.

Arthur Owiti