Ratko Mladic accused of War Crimes

Ratko Mladic who has been accused of War crimes will be extradited to the Hague .This has come after protests in support of him have flooded Belgrade . However this nothing but another Osama Bin Laden Sideshow justifying the War on Terror by the Now for the NWO .


1. Timing

2. Definition of War Crime and Genocide



Why now when Serbia really knew where Mladic was ? Well it is being forced onto our  ears that Serbia wants to join Eu and thus the condition to gain entry was the arrest and extradition of Mladic.

However the timing is out to appease the Muslim World that they have captured a” Christian Osama Bin Laden” due to the increasing sudden hatred for President Obama in the Muslim World over Osama Bin Laden.

Obama’s Presidency serves to appease Muslims so that the NWO can get Muslims under their system.Yet what is interesting is that Serbian Govt did not kill Serbian Hero Mladic but American Forces killed Osama because Pakistanis who are Muslims cannot kill their fellow Muslim Hero Osama bin Laden.

Definition of War Crime and Genocide

The Media is repeating over and over again the number of Muslims that died under Mladic to paint the war in Serbia as a nazi holocuast.This is not true.

Of course it is true the UN banned the use of force only in certain exceptions but these exceptions are so broad that both the accused and the accuser can employ.

If war is a crime why are Britain and USA fighting and killing  in Afghanistan and Iraq ,Muslim Men and Boys yet Mladic is being arrested for killing Muslim Men and Boys? This is a paradox which they cover with exceptions to use force.

If people are fighting in war and the other side is homogenous and they die in numbers it cannot be termed a genocide .The whole issue of Genocide should be redefined for the sake of peace .WHY ?



The issue of  the Srebrenica Massacre took place during the Bosnian War ..TWO OR MORE ARMED GROUPS . NO CAMPS.WAR FIELD .

Osama bin Laden confessed to orchestrating the twin bombings (of course according to the NWO bidding) ..UNARMED PEOPLE…. Mladic was involved in war and so were his enemies yet OBL was involved in war but his target was not involved.

Thus Hitler was  at war with Jews who were not at war with him. As for Rwanda and Bosnia , each side was at war with each other.

Yet what the UN has done through the ICC is to side with one side that fought in the war and this is dangerous.For example Paul Kagame’s regiment committed War Crimes, why did the UN accept and recognize his rule ?

In Mladic’s case , there are many supporters who say that Mladic is a freedom fighter fighting against Islamic Rule in Serbia.So in the end the ICC ends up dividing the same people it claims to reconcile.Rwanda is still a hot bed and so is Serbia .

The NWO Rat is they are out to falsely appease Muslims that they are for them when actually they will turn against them by causing them to fight Jews and non Muslims in the coming wars worldwide.

Israel better watch out as it will be termed by its enemies at the UN a Mladic State when Israel has committed no war crimes but is in a warring region.

Below is an old article on the issue of Mladic and Karadzic worth reading to show you that the UN AND ICC are tools of the NWO.

God Bless You

Arthur Owiti


Karadzic’s Arrest Puts the Lid on the FAKE War on Terror  http://english.pravda.ru/opinion/columnists/22-07-2008/105849-karadzic-1/

Corporate western media gleefully announced the arrest of Serbian leader Radovan Karadzic on Monday, thereby adding one more nail on the lid of their hypocrisy, duplicity and self serving arrogance. How these postulating, perverse, immoral demons of hell can stand themselves defies the sensibilities of anyone who truly stands for truth and justice, not the justice of the law of the jungle where the strong crush the weak, but true justice.

Karadzic is accused of mass killings that the Hague war crimes tribunal described as “scenes from hell, written on the darkest pages of human history” and the worst in Europe since World War II. The claim that 8,000 “innocent” Muslims were “murdered” in Srebrenica is pathetically repeated despite considerable evidence to the contrary, that fighters were killed, including many Serbs, and the 8,000 number is so absurd one wonders how anyone could be gullible enough to accept it. But then again, wasn’t it said that the bigger the lie, the easier it will be to sell?

“I was informed by our colleagues in Belgrade about the successful operation which resulted in the arrest of Radovan Karadzic,” the tribunal’s head prosecutor, Serge Brammertz, said.

Karadzic was indicted on genocide charges in 1995 by the Hague tribunal, and topped its most-wanted list for more than a decade, allegedly resorting to elaborate disguises to elude authorities and shielded by countrymen who wished to keep the long arm of the kangaroo court off of their leaders. Karadzic loyalists have boasted that both he and Mladic were well guarded. “That is why this action will not succeed and Dr Karadzic will continue to be in safety, in the myth and legend of the Serb people,” stated Kosta Cavoski, head of the International Committee for Truth on Radovan Karadzic. The Hague is only interested in persecuting Serbs since they are the ones who refused to kneel to the empire’s demands.

The next war on terror, after terrorists in Afghanistan versus the Soviet Union, was in the former Yugoslavia where the same western funded Islamic extremists, including Osama Bin Laden, used terrorism to set up pro-western puppet states.

In a 1997 interview, Karadzic said, “I am perfectly peaceful. I am innocent. I believe in God.” When asked if he was concerned about being arrested, he replied “No, I don’t think about that at all. Anyone can be arrested. It is possible to arrest and kill anyone. It would be better for them to kill me than to let me go to the Hague. In the Hague, they would have far more problems with me…”

When speaking of the behavior of Serbian troops, Karadzic said, “As early as June 13 1992, I issued an order for strict observance of all international humanitarian norms…, from these documents you can see that I forbade all crimes, prosecuted and punished criminals. Most crimes were committed by the individuals who were seeking revenge.”

On Srebrenica Karadzic said, “Srebrenica has never been a safe zone. If you don’t trust me, ask former UN Secretary General, Boutros Ghali. He admitted on several occasions that Srebrenica is a Muslim military stronghold and that Serb villages around Srebrenica had continuously been attacked from the enclave. During the last month of the existence of the enclave, every day at least one Serb died in Muslim attacks. All together, 1260 Serbs were killed. UN knows about that. The commander of Dutch peacekeeping troops in Srebrenica also knows that.”

“Nine thousand Muslim soldiers left the enclave and tried to break through our lines towards Tuzla. Three weeks later, they were still fighting around Srebrenica! Nine thousand soldiers is a lot of troops. They pushed towards their lines and our troops followed. They had to break through our fortified lines. The fighting was horrible. At one place 50 our soldiers were killed although they were in trenches. You can guess yourself how many Muslim soldiers died while attacking.”

“They finally managed to break through to Tuzla, but the fighting was horrible. Their officers simply sacrificed their soldiers. A proof is that we didn’t manage to capture any higher and middle ranking officers. On the other hand, the soldiers attacked like ants…In any case, until the fall of the enclave on July 11, 1995, Srebrenica was a military base from which Muslims raided Serb villages, burned and slaughtered the population.”

Karadzic also said that Serb forces wished for the Muslim soldiers to surrender so that prisoner exchanges could take place. He went on to describe the events: “They now claim to have lost eight thousand people in Srebrenica. Every soldier who had disappeared during this one and previous actions is included in this number. They also included those who had died in 1992 and 1993. They put all these casualties on the list of disappeared in Srebrenica…Where are those mass graves about which they talk all the time? They haven’t found them. They have used satellite photographs, investigated with special instruments and haven’t found anything.”

Radovan Karadzic was born on 19 June 1945 in Petnijca, a village near Savnik in the mountains of Montenegro. In 1960, he moved to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia, where he studied medicine at the University of Sarajevo, graduating as a physician and psychiatrist. He also has published poetry and books for children.

Both Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic had a price on their head, with the US Government offering a $5 million reward for information leading to their arrest or conviction, the modern version of 30 pieces of silver.

Meanwhile these merchants of death, these butchers of Vietnam, these butchers of Yugoslavia, these butchers of Iraq and Afghanistan pose as holier-than-thou when they are the worst, most despicable, most blood stained war criminals the world has ever known. They pretend to fight a war against terrorism, while they aid and abet the most savage, brutal, blood thirsty terrorists.

So let the truth be told. Hopefully, Radovan Karadzic will make good on his promise: that the Hague will have far more problems with him. Once and for all, the international community needs to put an end to the persecution of the innocent for the greed of corporations, the theft of resources and the global hegemony of the empire.