The Bible is up to date on the issue of mountains and rocks that they represent authority and kingship.This world has always been hungry for authority already seen in the Garden of Eden as Serpent tempted the first parents to obtain divine authority through him.Yet we find that one natural symbol of authority rocks and mountains are actually a universal theme in the cultures of the world.

In all of God ‘s creation , the Mountains and Rocks and Stones cannot move on their own , yet they are natural items .They do not breath on their own nor reproduce , yet they live by the long existence on the earth.

These natural structures actually survived Noah’s  flood as they could not move to the ark but could only be submerged.

In the Bible the issue of rocks started in Genesis where people used rocks to build their houses and most importantly , the altar.

For example Jacob slept on a stone which he used to build an altar after he had an encounter with the heavenly world.Most altars were built using stones meaning they acted as a mediation point between the earthly and the heavenly.

The same applies to mountain tops whose great peaks were called gateways to heaven.Hence the reason why many communities made their sacrifices on mountain peaks.

Like the Pyramids in Asia, Africa and Latin America are just man made mountains with the pinnacle being a kind of mountain peak.Only that African Pyramids were burial places while Latin American Pyramids also performed human sacrifices.


Well many communities used rocks as seats for their Kings .In some cases it was just a symbol of authority . Jesus is called the Rock and yet he is also King .Thus the symbol of strength was tied to the rock and authority.Remember Jesus parable that taught that a house built on the rock cannot fall at the force of winds and rains.

Secondly ,God is called the Rock of Ages , rocks and mountain  signify a long period of time of permanent authority since they do not move unless by an extra force.

The biggest legend of rocks is the Stone of Scone  which is in Scotland after staying in England for 700 years.This rock was considered to be the rock on which Jacob slept on which was carried to Egypt before being put in the Temple Mount at the throne of the Kings of Israel .This according to legend as meant that Israel was shipped to the British Isles.

The English Coronation Throne that had the Stone of Scone or Stone of Destiny or Stone of Jacob that is alleged to be the Stone on which the Kings of Israel were made Kings until it was shipped to Scotland hence justifying the long held belief that Britain became the New Israel

Well to you it may be a legend but to the powers that be this is the truth that justifies their rule .They “know” God is ruling through them.

The so called  stone of destiny was used as a stone to crown kings of Scotland and later the kings of England.Queen Elizabeth II is the last monarch who sat on the mystery stone before it was returned to Scotland .The monarchy is 1000 years old hence as old as the rocks , hills and mountains.

Queen Elizabeth II was crowned Queen on that very seat that had the Stone of Scone

This Rock Divinity is what the Roman Catholic Church clings to , which is now a 2000 year old Monarchy if their teaching is received as Gospel truth, that teaching being that Popes are the spiritual successor of Peter the Apostle whom Jesus called Rock.

Successor of Apostle Peter..How can he be when Peter never sat on that Seat ..You only succeed that which your Predecessor gave you.Since Peter did not leave with them that Seat of Gold he is not the Predecessor of the Popes of Rome.It is Constantine , the Pagan Sun Worshiper who gave the seat to all the popes that have existed up till today.

Thus when Jesus said to Peter that he is called Peter , and that on this rock he will build his church, it was taken literally that Peter is the Pope of the church on Earth which is not so.Peter was a Leader who led the other Apostles .It was not him replacing Jesus Christ.

Look at the Pope's seat with an Upside Down Latin Cross

That seat has a phallus symbol

However, Rome replaced Jesus Christ with the Pope Title building the St Peter’s Basilica hence Peter’s Throne right in the Vatican. Interesting that the name Peter means Stone but in Latin the word Pater means Father and Pope is translated as Papa or father .It is perfect linguistic connection justifying the Papal Monarchy.


The Rock Divinity is not just branded in Western Christianity but in Ancient Pagan Kingdoms in Africa and Europe .

Last time we showed how some communities in Africa venerate the rocks believing them to be ancestors .For example the Luo of East Africa have the famous legend of Lwanda Magere whose first name means Rock.

Now that name has been corrupted to Rwanda which is the name of the country Rwanda which is filled with  thousands of rocks.This name was also sent to Angola as Luanda and Jinja is also rock in Luganda.All these are cities and locations showing how natural and religious tones influenced the names of many places in Africa

Meanwhile the word Rock is also translated as Seat /Cathedra in Kiswahili when connected to Luo which has the word Kidi to mean Rock which morphs to Kiti meaning seat in Kiswahili . Entebbe , the old capital of the British Protectorate means the seat because that was where the Chief judged cases .So Rocks are Seats , symbols of authority .


The word berg is mountain in some European Dialects and as Revelation 17 states that mountains symbolize kings. This could be the reason why the Bilderbergs have that name to mean the mountain of builders or builders who build kingdoms.This institution carries the royals of Europe together with economic magnates that rule the world today.

So when you find these people visiting rock places and mountains  like they do here in Africa and other parts of Europe which have rock formations, they know that these natural structures are symbols of their power and connect with them mystically.

For the New World Order  prophesied about i the last book of the Bible Revelation ,to have Life, they have to depend on the Old World Oder or Nimrod the Great talked about in the first book of the Bible, Genesis.

Arthur Owiti